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Mr Ollivander, as fans know, would say:  "The wand chooses the magician". But in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, the latest mobile game developed by Niantic after the famous Pokémon GO, is the player who has the last word.

Your wand is a source of pride and joy for a witch or a wizard. It is a deeply personal magical artifact that helps its possessors channel energy into any spells they need to cast. These are the characteristics that make the magic wand a extremely important object for everyday life in the wizarding world. In the game, at the dedicated menu, the choice is vast. But we are here to help you!

How to make your own wand

First, to create your wand select the profile icon in the lower left corner, then go to "Register your wand" in the middle.

From there you will be on the menu Wand weight, where you will find a wide range of options, and tapping the “i” next to each section will give you one description on what concerns the type of wood, the core, the flexibility and the length.

However don't worry too much to combine special features to create a kind of super-weapon. Right now it seems that the wands behave the same way regardless of the chosen characteristics. It is not easier to draw magic if, for example, you choose a very short or very long wand.

Think about your wand as if he were a custom character in another game. Instead of just customizing your hair and body type, in Harry Potter Wizards Unite you can change the characteristics of your wand. You will then be able to see your custom wand when casting spells.

One idea we've seen around is to create wands inspired by most famous characters of the saga. For example, Harry's wand is 11 inches long, made of holly and has a phoenix feather core.

The Harry Potter wiki is a great resource for getting inspiration on wand types, drawing inspiration from the known ones held by the main characters.

And you? How did you customize your magic wand?

► Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is an AR-Simulation game developed by Niantic Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and published by Niantic Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment for Android and iOS, the video game was released on 24/06/2019

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