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    How can I upgrade the armory in Boom Beach? Very easy!

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    What do I need to upgrade the armory?

    It is well known that by provoking attacks and plundering the villages of our enemies, it can provide us good resources to improve our island. However, this may not always be the entrance of resources, as it involves spending more resources to replenish the troops, weapons and transport lost in the battle, which are necessary to defend your base.

    To get a constant source of resources, you need to improve 3 important points: the sawmill, the quarry and the houses, which will give you resources to improve.

    It is important because it is our source of resources, which guarantees us stability, but nevertheless it is a weak point for the enemy to destroy them.

    Is there a priority when making improvements?

    It all depends on the strategy we want to apply, but there is no formula to improve first, however, here we suggest that the best option is to start with the site. As by doing so you will have the possibility to access improvements to buildings, the Iron Mine and the Quarry.

    Likewise, you can acquire more landing craft to besiege enemy islands and upgrade your troops such as tanks and turrets on our island.

    Now we will address the most important question: what should i improve first in the armory?   The answer to this question is simple, as you need to improve what you are using the most at the moment.

    Do I need to make improvements to the gunship?

    In general, what is usually improved first is the artillery and the bomber, because this is what you will use in most attacks when attacking an enemy you face by moving into another archipelago or that it is landing on your shores to besiege your citadel.

    How should I upgrade the troops?

    These will be executed according to the ones that are most useful, that is; what you are using the most in the game for back up your your other lower level troops. Well, you have to look for the best troop combination.

    Remember that the game is well balanced, this tells us that when you make improvements and make a mistake, the percentage will not be very high as these improvements will always benefit you and you will not be exposed to the enemy.

    Since the armory requires constant resources and when improvements are made more resources are needed immediately, we will give you various information on the economy and how to identify resources, as well as what each one works for.

    Since they are essential when making improvements inside the citadel, armies and weapons for combat:

    • Gold: this occurs inside the houses and islands you have conquered or, failing that, those you are building.
    • Wood: this resource is the most basic and useful to build, due to the elements obtained from the Sawmill, as well as conquering islands, resource bases, cutting down trees or even trading diamonds.
    • Stone: this is known as a much more advanced resource, so you can find it in the quarries you build. Even when you conquer islands, resource bases or by trading diamonds. So take care to get more rocks at Boom Beach.
    • Iron: being the most advanced resource in the game, it can be generated with iron mines, conquests or even resource bases.
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