How much does Roblox consume? Data traffic required to play online.

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Roblox is, by definition, a very varied video game: the contents that enrich it are created by the players themselves and are one more different than the other. This variety also changes the required data consumption depending on which minigame is being played.

Roblox is known for its considerable internet data consumption, but this doesn't apply as a general rule: in fact, the number of Megabytes needed to play it changes depending on which game you choose to do. Users have calculated that, on average, it goes 10 to 600 MB per hour; therefore, translated in simple terms, it consumes either very little or very much. The explanation of this phenomenon lies in the functioning of the game: Roblox does not work like a classic video game that during installation downloads all the files necessary to play normally (it would be impossible, considering the very high number of contents present), but proceeds to game streaming chosen from time to time.

This means that the amount of data consumed depends entirely on the game you play: a pixel art game will cost you just a few MB in an hour, while a more complex game with many 3D models will require a download of several hundred Megabytes. .

The most famous minigames for their consumption are Jailbreak (about 450 MB / h), Labyrinth (from 300 to 600+ MB / h) and House Building Simulator (about 500 Mb / h). It seems that the data consumption has been reduced over the years, in addition to the fact that now many internet connections on portable devices such as tablets and smartphones offer enough Gigabytes to play Roblox even every day.

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