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    How to add stickers to your TikTok videos

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    How to add stickers to your TikTok videos. Instagram introduced stickers for stories years ago. TikTok as usual very conservative, until today, has not followed the fashion. As we have said, so far. The controversial and very popular social media giant has integrated the pin stickers feature into its app. And the initial reactions were mostly positive.

    Many famous TikTokers have taken the opportunity to add stickers to the most interactive and fun TikTok videos. The inventory of TikTok stickers is still limited. Unlike Instagram which lets you add polls, background music, even quiz stickers, TikTok is way behind. However, considering it's something relatively new to the platform, we'll still see it as a step in the right direction. Let's see how to pin Stickers to your TikTok videos.

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    The newly launched feature will allow TikTok users to add stickers to their videos when creating content. When stuck, the adhesive will become an object in the clip. It will remain in place even as the creator moves through the video. Users will also have the option to change the size of the sticker in relation to the movement of the video.

    How to add stickers to your TikTok videos

    TikTok launched a new sticker lock option in videos in February, which allows you to attach a sticker to an object in the clip and it will stay in place and change size in relation to the movement of the video. To help you understand the process of adding stickers to your TikTok videos, we have broken down the whole process with easy to follow steps.

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    1. Open the TikTok app.
    2. Tap the square plus button in the center.
    3. Hold down the red record button in the center and record the TikTok clip.
    4. Tap the Stickers button - the one with the folded emoji.
    5. Choose your sticker. For this tutorial's sake, I choose the Time Sticker.
    6. Press Next.
    7. Tap Publish.
    8. Are you done!

    Tips for the careful use of TikTok stickers

    Nothing surpasses creativity. You can use the steps above to get a basic understanding of how this feature works. But, to really make a mark with TikTok stickers, you need to learn how to place and use them with a compelling command.

    Here are some tips and techniques to guide you in the right direction.

    • Decide how long the sticker will appear in the video. This decision will depend on the length of the video and the usefulness of the sticker. For example, if after a certain point in the video it is useless, make sure the settings are adjusted so that it doesn't appear beyond that point.
    • The placement of the stickers also requires some thought. It is not possible to pin the sticker anywhere in the focal point of the video, unless the focal point is the sticker itself. Remember, you don't want it to mask the charm of your video. You want to accentuate it.
    • Make sure the app is updated to the latest version to make sure the sticker update is actually there. For some users, the update may not be there, which means that TikTok's creative department is still rolling it out.

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