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    How to climb sand in Clash Royale easily without spending money

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    Since the creation of the first video games, it has been natural for people to compete with each other over who is best at a game. This, nowadays, translates into many of the professional competitive scenes that exist on different fronts of combat video games, strategy, and more.

    In fact, it's a pretty cool aspect of the game, and it's often the core of the game or what really makes it come alive, either by tackling other players directly through reflexes and strategy; or teaming up with another in different ways.

    We can see it in tons of extremely popular current games that make up pop culture today, such as League of Legends, Starcraft, Hearthstone, Mortal Kombat, Fortnite, PUBG, and many more; Although today, in this tutorial, we will talk a little more about one that often goes unnoticed but is highly regarded by its users, Clash Royale.

    Clash Royale is a game where strategy and reaction time in a situation are everything, since it can mean whether or not to rank up, or more specifically, in the Arena. If what you want is to be the best in Clash Royale and climb the highest ranks of the game, then we will tell you how to climb the arena easily and for free.

    The sands of Clash Royale

    A competitive scene is characterized by a place where you can rank up, often being a completely different gameplay than normal so that casual gamers can be separated from an environment that is probably not quite theirs.

    However, if we go to Clash Royale, the whole environment is a scene competitive, since from the moment you enter, you are instructed to be able to climb along the Arenas, phases of the competitive ladder that the game has and to which to get there only if we have a specific number of cups, which we collect after every win we have.

    In total there are thirteen arenas, each with a certain type of card that you can get while there through the chests , therefore your time in an arena is extremely important.

    But to stay in an arena and be able to rank up through them, as well as level up as a player, you need to perform certain actions that everyone takes for granted but few do.

    Climbing on the sand

    To be better in Clash Royale and to be able to load the arene, you have to consider a lot of things in terms of how you play each game and the cards you use for it.

    First, we can talk about the cards, as it is one of the most important factors when it comes to increasing the Arena, as you must have the best decks, a great variety of cards, as well as the possibility of make them rise di level in to take the vow.

    After the first few arenas, you will see that the difference between the players becomes very big due to the cards that are used and their level, so keep that in mind and load the cards you like.

    Also, try to build a deck that you feel at home with ease a play, see what its strengths and weaknesses might be and act around it.

    Know how to counteract every card in the game and being able to play yours perfectly is key, and you can learn it with practice or by watching the competitive scene of a professional Clash Royale tournament on YouTube.

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