How to deactivate Amazon 1-Click

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How to deactivate Amazon 1-Click. How to disable the Amazon Quick Buy button here are the instructions to do so

You have activated Amazon 1-Click but now for fear of falling into error to buy something immediately, you would like to deactivate it and proceed with the standard purchase through the Amazon cart, we will explain how to do it.

Deactivate Amazon 1-Click

To disable 1-Click for all Amazon purchases:

  • go to
  • Log in to your account
  • click on the "my account" menu at the top right
  • "Other payment options" section
  • click on the "1-Click Settings" option

Towards the top right of the next page, a box will appear labeled “1-click status” now you can disable it for specific devices or browsers or you can click the “Disable on all” button, to disable it everywhere.

That's it now after disabling 1-Click, you will have to go through the normal shopping cart checkout process every time you want to buy anything from Amazon (except digital content).

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