How to disable chat in Diablo Immortal

Diablo Immortal has no offline functionality, which means a constant series of messages from random players popping up on the screen every few seconds. If that spam is ruining your experience or you just want to reduce screen noise, there is an option to disable the Chat Box in Diablo Immortal. The following guide will show you how.

How to disable the chat box in Diablo Immortal

Start by going to Settings after starting the game. If you're fumbling, press the Esc key or the three-line horizontal icon at the top right of the screen. Then click the gear icon to open the Settings.

Now click on the Chat option on the left side of the screen to view the channels in Chat Preview which lists all the chat channels available in the game. Some of them will be enabled with a check mark by default. You must deselect them all to disable the Chat Box in Diablo Immortal.

Note that this process of disabling the Chat Box is the same on both mobile devices and PCs.

If you are just trying to reduce the number of spam messages on the screen, you can keep the Chat Box but disable only the “World” and “Zone” channels in Chat Preview Channels. You will still be able to receive messages and chat with other players, but the constant flow of messages from around the world or from the area will be removed.

If you are playing with a clan, group or warband, make sure not to disable the respective channels, otherwise you will not be able to communicate with your friends and allies while managing dungeons.

You can also use the Resize Chat Preview option under Channels in Chat Preview to resize the chat box as needed.

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