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    How to dodge and respond to attacks in Pokémon Go battles - How to fight in Pokémon Go

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    Pokemon GO is one of the today's most popular augmented reality games. This fantastic title is very different from the previous games in the series because it has an innovative theme that allows the integration of the game into the user's environment.

    That is why it can be said that playing Pokemon GO is a fairly fun and interactive experience because it involves the person and encourages them to act. This type of gameplay is not present in other games and this is why Pokemon GO has been so successful.

    Another thing that stands out about this video game is the possibility of using the accessories inside to enhance the gaming experience. That's why we are going to show you everything you need to know about Pokemon GO Plus so that you are the best player of them all. One of the things you need to keep in mind to be the best is knowing how to dodge attacks and we will help you with that.

    Things to keep in mind when dodging an attack in Pokemon GO

    Before starting with the explanation of how to dodge attacks in battles of Pokemon GO, it is good to review some basic aspects of this "ability", so to speak, that all Pokemon have.

    Dodge, contrary to what most people think, it's not a way to stop a Pokemon from taking damage in combat. We say this because many, especially beginners, think that by learning to dodge they can be invincible and that their Pokémon can kill anyone.

    This is not the case since, in reality, if you take damage when dodging, but the damage received is much less than what would be received if the enemy Pokemon attacked directly. This is crucial to keep in mind because it can make all the difference in a fight.

    Of course, there are Pokemon that, having more speed, they can dodge much faster and not undergo almost damage. However, other Pokemon are not and it is more difficult to dodge attacks.

    You also have to keep in mind the attribute of the opposing Pokemon as if your Pokemon is weak against that attribute it will also cost you a bit to dodge attacks. With that in mind, let's move on to the explanation of how to dodge attacks in Pokemon GO.

    How to dodge attacks in Pokemon GO?

    Subsequently, we will show you how to dodge attacks in Pokemon GO in a way easy and fast. For this, you need to log into your game, but if you have trouble starting your Pokemon GO account on our website you will find an easy method to fix these types of problems and you can play.

    Step 1

    Once you are in the game, you need to go into battle in order to apply these steps. When you are already in battle, what you need to do is simple. When a Pokemon is about to be attacked, you see a sort di lines of movement around it just before it takes damage. So the first step is to know how to detect those lines in time to dodge them.

    Step 2

    Once you've learned how to quickly visualize those lines, all you need to do right after seeing them is use your fingers to move your Pokemon. This is achieved by sliding your finger on both sides of the screen.

    And voila, if you've done the steps correctly, you'll have dodged the attack. As you can see, it's a fairly simple method so it won't cost you anything to do it.

    However, having problems with your electronic device can make it difficult for you to play this game. If so, what can be done? In case the your phone does not have a gyroscope, you can still play and we will show you an easy method to solve this problem. 

    But if your game still has problems or won't open, then what you can do is follow some simple and practical tips that we will give you on our website. The good thing is that this game is not very challenging for as for the graphics, so any phone can run it smoothly, so fun is guaranteed. 

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