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    How to download and install FIFA Mobile 20 and 21 Apk free for Android or PC

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    There is currently a wide variety of devices where you can enjoy the latest generation of video games; this is the case with Smartphone devices with Android technology or for PC Gaming lovers. That's why companies like EA Sports develop games like FIFA, which has a wide variety of versions.

    In this post we will talk about how to download and install FIFA Mobile 20 and 21 Apk free for Android or PC. Read on and find out everything about this great video game.

    What is FIFA Mobile?

    The great EA Sports franchise had an excellent idea for those who love mobile games; That's where FIFA Mobile, one, is developed version of the classic video game for consoles around the 2020 and 2021 season.

    This provides an excellent and new advanced experience in terms of mobile gaming. On the other hand, this version offers a new game system and a wealth of content, allowing you to enjoy hours of competitive football for the prized league crown.

    Also, you will have the opportunity to develop this game online.If you want to play offline on Android, you have to use other games similar to this one ; come Dream League Soccer.

    Steps to follow to install FIFA Mobile 20 and 21 Apk for Android or PC

    There are several steps you need to follow to get and install the FIFA 20 and 21 application on your device; however this it will depend on the nature of the equipment you own.

    Since if you have an Android smartphone you just have to get the application and install it directly. While if you have a PC when you get the Apk you will not be able to run it directly on it, as it is not a compatible format for computers:

    Per Android

    You will need to have a high-end Android smartphone, with a minimum version of Android 6.0 onwards. Otherwise it won't work.

    1. You have to enter the Google Play Store, where you will search for FIFA MOBILE.
    2. Once the game is located, hit the install option and it will automatically start downloading additional data from it.
    3. Should you get it files Apk by other means, you need to enable the unknown sources option on your device. To install it.
    4. Once the installation of the Apk file from another medium is completed; While running, it will start downloading additional data automatically via a Wi-Fi connection.

    Per PC

    You will need to have a minimum mid-range computer, to be able to run an Android emulator compatible with your computer:

    1. Enter your favorite search engine and search the bluestacks application. Once the search is done, enter the first browser option and download this application in the version of Windows you have, 32 or 64 bit.
    2. Once downloaded, proceed with the installation of this application, by starting it as an administrator.
    3. Start bluestacks and proceed to load the Apk file in said application, where you just have to install and enjoy this excellent game

    On the other hand, you will see that FIFA MOBILE is one of the best sports games for Android; that you can get on google play or through the medium you prefer. This way you can have fun in the company of your friends online  to get the biggest prize which can be league cup, champions, euro cup or world cup.

    Finally, if you want to get game information and Fifa Mobile download link, you can visit its official page from which you can get the apk as well as the PC version.

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