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    How to download free portable PSP / PPSSPP emulator for PC - Very easy

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    The world of emulation allows us to play those classic video games that are not available on PC and other platforms, PPSSPP is a emulator for Sony PSP console and today we will show you how to download PSP / PPSSPP portable emulator for PC Free - Very easy.

    The PSP handheld game console has been one of the most popular over the past decade, this is largely due to the great video games featured in it. Now you can play these video games from the comfort of your computer with the PPSSPP emulator.

    What is PPSSPP?

    PPSSPP is an emulator for Sony PSP portable video game console, in other words, using it you can play video games on this platform on other devices, such as PC, Android, BlackBerry, etc.

    Undoubtedly one of the most interesting points of this popular application is its outstanding performance on most devices. The truth is that the application works on almost all modern devices, likewise it is perfectly developed and works without major errors.

    Many have cataloged the PPSSPP emulator, as one of the best emulators that have been made and no wonder, most of the games in the catalog are compatible and the emulator also works on portable devices.

    Likewise, remember that there are other emulators, for example those for Android, and here we present you the best lightweight Android emulator for PC, with which you can use the apps of the operating system and also the games. Finally, if you want to download and configure this powerful PSP emulator, please read carefully the following guide that we have prepared for you.

    How to download free portable PSP / PPSSPP emulator for PC - Very easy

    PPSSPP has its own website, through which we can acquire the latest versions stable of this powerful emulator. To download the application follow these steps:

    1. To download the PPSSPP emulator you need to go to the following ppsspp website.
    2. The first option that appears on the screen is Download, click on Download.
    3. As you can see, the PPSSPP emulator is available for many platforms, in this case since you want to play on your computer you need to locate the Windows version, or else the MacOS version.
    4. There are two modes, we have the program compressed in Zip format, but also the installer. You can download any of them.
    5. Click on Download Zip and it should start downloading automatically, wait until the process is finished, which will take a short time as the emulator is quite lightweight.
    6. After you have successfully downloaded the emulator, right click on the file and unzip it.

    Install and configure PPSSPP

    PPSSPP is one of the best emulation applications today, however, as with most emulators, it would be better to configure the application to our liking. To perform the setup procedure, follow these steps:

    1. Open the application, to make the relevant settings for the first use.
    2. As you can see, the emulator interface is very intuitive, once the application is run, the different options available will appear on the screen.
    3. The first thing you should do is go to the tab Toys and locate the folder where you downloaded the PSP ISOs.
    4. Similarly, by accessing the option Preferences, you can change various aspects of performance, graphics and key mapping in your emulator.
    5. Each of the above configurations must be done taking into account that they may adversely affect the performance and stability of the application.
    6. Once you are done with configure the emulator to your liking, double click on the game of your choice

    In this way you will have installed and configured the PPSSPP emulator, with which you will be able to play the best games available on the PSP platform. Fortunately, the PPSSPP emulator works very well on most computers, you can also download it for other platforms as well, such as Android.

    Finally, remember that you can connect and use a PS3 controller in your Nintendo 64 emulator and also in PPSSPP, this way you can play much more comfortably.

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