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    How to find and get elytra in Minecraft? - Very easy!

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    Of course, before continuing, you need to update minecraft to the latest version, as this is where that element is located (it doesn't matter if what you do is download and install Minecraft for free, because they will appear anyway).

    How to find and get elytra in Minecraft?

    The first thing you need to know before starting the journey that will help you answer the question How to find and get elytra in Minecraft? Is what the item is and what is it for.

    Basically it is about wings, which allow the player to fly or glide wherever they want. They were introduced in Update 1.9 and are one of the rarest items in the game.

    Their color is gray and they never change their appearance unless damaged (they will look broken). The item must be equipped to be used as armor. They are classified as means of transport and they are not buildable or stackable, that is, they are obtained naturally in the game by looking for it.

    These are not found in the normal world, but you must travel to the END to get them (so it's so hard) They are found only in the cities of the END, exactly inside the treasure room of the final ship. You will be able to recognize them immediately because they will be mounted in a box in the center of that room.

    Two chests with a large loot also open in the treasure room, but there is a Shulker guarding it, so when you get there you have to be as careful as possible and go with good armor and a sword (enchanted if possible).

    Activate the END portal

    Now that you know the details of the elytra, you are one step closer to answering the question How to find and get elytra in Minecraft? IS time you see the way to the ship of the end. First you will need to reach the cities of the end (which are located in the outer islands of the END). So the first step is to activate the END portal.

    You can create this portal in creative mode (it's simpler), or go to one of the three fortresses that spawn in the world. These fortresses are located in radii of 640 or 1152 blocks away, from the points X = 0 and = 0 of the game. Each will be at the same angle but 120 degrees away from each other (all from the aforementioned point).

    Once found, you have to activate the END portal, this is done by placing an ender eye in each slot of said portal (there are 12).

    Ender eyes are created with ender pearls and flaming dust, when you finally place your eyes, the portal will open and you will be allowed to travel to the END, when you arrive first you will have to kill the dragon in minecraftby doing so you will be able to walk freely in this world.

    You will see the islands in the distance, go there and the floating ship should be in the sky, create a ladder of blocks to reach it and then take the elytra. With that, the question is answered : how to find and get elytra in Minecraft?

    For a better guide it is recommended to insert or install a minimap in Minecraft, so as not to get lost and remember the way.

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