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    How to find free movies on YouTube in 2019

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    Do you want watch YouTube series and movies for free? In this tutorial we explain how you can find free movies on youtube in 2019 and completely free. YouTube is the video streaming platform par excellence, and basically works as a social network where anyone can upload and share their videos on the Internet.

    Or so it was in the beginning. Over time, the videos have been joined by music clips, series, television shows, and even full length movies.

    It is true that YouTube abounds with all kinds of channels with pirated content, although Google strives to eliminate them as quickly as possible. We also find a channel dedicated to movies called Movies on YouTube. But you can also find many full, legal and free movies.

    What is YouTube Premium and how does it work?

    They are titles in the public domain, or that have been donated by their creators. Or the distributor who owns the rights allows you to enjoy the free movie on youtube as part of a promotion.

    A film's copyright expires 50 or 70 years after its author's death. For this reason, there are many old people movies that can be viewed for free on YouTube, including authentic classics such as Métropolis, considered the first major science fiction epic film.

    Let's take a look at the best YouTube channels where you can watch free and legal movies. In addition, we will also collect specialized search engines that locate full movies on YouTube.

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    If your TV has an internet connection or you use a device like Chromecast, you can watch these titles on your TV and enjoy them in the living room.

    Free YouTube Premium membership

    Last year, YouTube's paid subscription service, called YouTube Premium, has arrived in Spain. Among the advantages offered to users is the exclusive access to the contents of YouTube Originals, which are the platform's original series and movies.

    The advantage is that you have a chance to enjoy one month free YouTube Premium requesting a free trial of the service at this link. This way, you can watch original YouTube movies and series legally and without paying anything. Of course, remember to cancel the service when you finish the 30-day trial if you don't want to continue with the service.

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    Manual search

    Once you've taken advantage of YouTube Premium's free one-month trial, the next option to find movies free and complete on YouTube is the most direct: use the YouTube search engine. Think of an old or public domain title and type it in the search engine with the tagline "full movie". You can also use "complete in Spanish".

    If they are legal titles, you will almost certainly find them. If they are new productions, the videos may be muted or they may be of poor quality.

    Free and modern

    When you are talking about free movies, there is no lack of comments, a little derogatory, such as "of course they are old black and white films". This is partly true, because for a film to lose copyright, decades must have passed since its premiere or its authors must have given up their rights. But there are also distributors or producers who, to promote, post free movies or new / modern series on YouTube.

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    Producer Paramount opened up a few years ago YouTube the its Paramount Vault, a channel where it offers free movies, where you can find relatively modern films such as Masters of the Universe or Hamlet with Mel Gibson.

    Classic movie channels

    If you like twentieth century cinema go to YouTube you will find a lot of material, both in Spanish and in English. There are numerous thematic channels full of old forgotten films, either because their rights have been lost or because no one is claiming them.

    Classic Spanish cinema contains about 800 videos featuring complete Spanish films from the 30s to the 90s, including the great classics. We also find theatrical performances, television broadcasts etc.

    Do you like documentaries? On YouTube there are numerous independent channels full of public domain securities. As we said, they are the ones who no longer have the copyright, both because decades have passed since their author's death, and because they donated them.

    If you like horror movies, stores nearly 400 scary movies from the 80s, many of which are not commercially available.

    If Western movies are your thing, Western Mania invites you to savor a handful of public domain classics like Lassie and a few episodes of Bonanza.

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    How to download a video from YouTube

    You may want to watch some of these free or public domain movies, but in some circumstances you don't have internet access. If so, you can choose to download them to temporarily view them on devices without an internet connection. In this tutorial we explain how to do it:

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