How to fix Netflix error code U7121-1331-P7

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How to fix Netflix error code U7121-1331-P7. Netflix is ​​a stable service. He's had very few mass blackouts in his life, but that doesn't mean things can't happen. Users are sometimes unable to reproduce something, anything, and just get an error code explaining why. Error codes are not useful; they are alphanumeric and give no indication of what could be wrong. One code that users see is the error code of Netflix U7121-1331-P7. Here's how to fix it.

Netflix error code U7121-1331-P7

This code appears when you are watching Netflix on your desktop browser or in the Windows 10 Netflix app. This error does not normally appear in mobile apps.

Browser Correction

Make sure you have allowed cookies in your browser. If you are using the browser in private or incognito mode, this could be the problem. You should also only use browsers such as Firefox, Edge, Safari or Chrome to watch Netflix. Browsers that prioritize security and privacy may not be able to play Netflix properly all the time.

If you've checked all of the above, and nothing is wrong, you may need to update Netflix's saved cookies. In whichever browser you use, log out of Netflix, delete all saved cookies and then log back into Netflix.

App per Windows 10

If you see the error in the Windows 10 Netflix app, you should close and reopen it. In most cases, it will fix the problem. If it persists, log out and then log back in. Check if the app will play media now. If it keeps showing the same error, please log out again and reboot the system. Give it a few minutes before launching the app again.

VPN fix

If you are using a VPN service for Netflix, the error may be caused by it. Check if the service is up and running. If a service outage occurs, it may prevent the Netflix service from playing. If the error appeared suddenly, then it's a good idea to check the VPN service. Disconnect and reconnect, then try Netflix again. This fix applies regardless of whether you watch Netflix in your browser or the official Windows 10 app.

In many cases, simply closing the service and playing it after a few minutes solves the problem. It's also a good idea to make sure you're not signed in to too many devices. Netflix normally tells you when you've exceeded your screen limit but an error is an error, so check the number of devices you're signed in to and reduce them if possible.

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