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    How to make a Minecraft stonecutter and what it is for - Create stonecutters

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    With this new block you can build any type of stone related blocks and similar blocks such as quartz or engraving. This block is very important for some constructions and knowing how to make it is essential in your world. Also, the players have a backpack where they keep various tools necessary in the game, if you want to have one you can make a backpack without mod in Minecraft.

    So we encourage you to pay close attention to this article so that you can learn how to create this important block quickly and easily. After watching the process, you will be able to create any type of stone block without any problems within your game.

    What does the stonecutter do?

    Before starting with the explanation of how to make the log in Stone, we will tell you a little about the stone block and its functionality. The stone stump allows us to perform various operations later, such as building a stone bridge in Minecraft, among other necessary things.

    Among the main blocks that can be removed with the stonecutter are stone stair blocks, stone brick blocks, stone terra cotta, chiseled stone block and many other stone related blocks. The materials you will need to make this work block are a work table, 1 iron ingot and 3 stones.

    Il booth da work is made by cutting down the wood and turning it into wooden planks and then grouping them into the four squares in your inventory. You can make it with any type of wood as long as they are the same type and are wooden planks.

    To obtain the wooden ingot, this material must be extracted in a cave and then baked in the oven to obtain the ingot. For the stone you simply have to chop the stone with any type of pickaxe and then bake it in the oven.

    Once you have all the materials, you just need to apply the recipe for the stonecutter block which we will show you below. The recipe we will give you is for the latest version of minecraft, so if you haven't updated it, we suggest you do it so you don't have any problems.

    How to make the stonecutter block?

    The recipe that you have to apply to have the stonecutter is very simple and with the necessary materials in two by three you will have your stonecutter to create all kinds of stone blocks. Then follow the steps we will provide below so that you have no problem creating it.

    Step 1

    The first step you need to do is position yourself on the artboard by right clicking to open the table creation interface. Once clicked, you will see the area of work consisting of 9 boxes where you will place the materials needed to create the stonecutter block.

    Step 2

    To create the short stone block you need to place the stone blocks by making one horizontal line in the center of the work table interface. Then place the ingot in the center of the top line on top of the stone blocks you just placed.

    And voila, once positioned the materials as indicated, the stonecutter block should appear and you just have to remove it from the worktop. We hope this guide has been useful to you and that you have not had any problems.

    Stone is a very variable element within the game, we also find variations such as smooth stone and in case you want to have it we will teach you how to create or create smooth stones in Minecraft, to make other constructions that will be different from the rest of the players.

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