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    How to play Google Stadia on Incompatible Mobile

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    Since mid-February, it is already possible to perform i Stadia games on 18 mobiles in addition to the models of the Google Pixel series. The increased availability of the platform has been welcomed by the owners of the new compatible terminals, but the number is still very limited and the fact that only high-end mobile phones are included it means that millions of people around the world cannot play Stadia games on their mobile phones.

    Fortunately, there are ways to circumvent this restriction to be able to enjoy Stadia's extensive catalog of games on any mobile device, regardless of whether it is compatible or not.

    Run Stadia games on any mobile device without root

    The best known and easiest way to play Stadia on any mobile device is to do it via Google Chrome. As we explained at the time, Stadia can only be used via a limited number of Android devices, Chromebooks, and TVs with Chromecast Ultra. However, by taking advantage of a simple trick, it is possible use Stadia from mobile via the browser.

    To do this, the first thing you need to do is download Google Chrome in case you don't have it yet. Then follow these steps:

    1. Open Google Chrome and view the options menu at the top right.
    2. Activate the 'Desktop Mode' option and go to the Stadia page.
    3. Log into the platform and start the game you want to play.

    Keep in mind that while this is the simplest option, it is also that with the most limitations, the most important is the impossibility of use the remote controls like the Stadia Controller.

    Run Stadia games on any rooted mobile device

    If you want enjoy Stadia on any mobile device and get the most out of it, without any limitation, the process becomes a little more complex. In fact, keep in mind that to do this you will need to have your mobile rooted.

    That said, as explained in XDA, it will also serve the Stadia app installed on the mobile phone and the Magisk service, as well as having a computer with ADB drivers installed. When you meet the requirements, here are the steps you need to take:

    1. On your mobile, open the MagiskManager app and look for the MagiskHide Props configuration module.
    2. Install the module and restart the device.
    3. With the mobile phone connected to the computer via the USB cable, open a command window and execute the instruction "props"
    4. Enter "5" to add or edit custom props.
    5. Enter "n" to add a new prop.
    6. Enter "ro.product.model" to change the corresponding value.
    7. Now enter "Pixel 4" so that the system identifies your mobile model as Pixel 4.
    8. Enter "y" to accept.
    9. Now, enter "n" to prevent the mobile from restarting.
    10. Repeat steps 5 to 8, but in step 6 enter the value «ro.product.manufacturer» and in 7 «Google».
    11. Now restart your mobile.
    12. To check if the changes have been applied correctly, run the getprop ro.product.model and getprop ro.product.manufacturer commands

    That's all. Now you just have to open Stadia on your mobile and try to play any game. Since the system will identify your mobile as Google Pixel 4, you should be able to play the game without any problems.

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