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    How to use and put a webcam while streaming my streams from PS4?

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    Using the webcam when streaming directly from PS4 is a big plus when it comes to gameplay, as you have better interaction with viewers. You can even reach a wider audience with the "2.0" mode.

    Many now use pages like Twitch or YouTube to be able to provide entertainment and also to be able to make money in a fun way. You definitely want start with direct gameplay, as it is the most sought after today, but do you know what's even better? The “2.0” gameplay, ie those that capture the player's face with a webcam during direct transmission from the PS4.

    PS4 e webcam

    Many users have tried using a common webcam for live streaming with the PS4, however only the PlayStation Camera is compatible with Sony software. So you will need to have this webcam if you want to broadcast live or play games.

    This camera offers a multitude of features that are quite useful today. Among these is Farsi to recognize from device, using voice chat (has a built-in microphone), by accessing the system command. And of course, the most popular option is to use the webcam when streaming directly from PS4.

    How do you connect?

    What you need to do to effectively connect this camera is: connect the camera cable to the auxiliary port on the back of the PS4.

    Place your console and camera on a flat and stable surface, avoiding it causing a trip. Then direct the camera to the place where you will play, you can play around with the corners a bit to give dynamism to your broadcast.

    How to use the PlayStation Camera in broadcasts?

    New updated PS4 software gives you that gamer touch to live streaming games with PlayStation 4. What is that touch? The possibility of show your face in the corner of the screen during playback and comments.

    While you are inside the game you have to press the button next to the touch screen of the controller called "Share", choose the "Stream the game" option. On that page that opens, channels like YouTube and Twitch will appear to broadcast your live stream. To do this you will need to have created an account and log in to it and then configure the transmission.

    Awards «OK» and press the «X »On the next screen to delete all data. But, before you start broadcasting, you need to select an option Which? "Include streaming video from PlayStation Camera" in the options you find there.

    Do not forget to select the option «Include microphone audio in the broadcast» so that your viewers they can hear how you tell the game or even how you talk to them.

    Recommendations for using the webcam when streaming direct from PS4

    To make your video better quality, follow some basic tips on how to light up your room. However, try that this light doesn't highlight the background too much, the idea is to highlight the face.

    If there is an abundant light source on one side such as a window, close with curtains and use electric light which will give a more homogeneous look.

    Position yourself about 1 meter from the camera to better focus on your face. It is important that if the lens is smudged or dirty, clean it first with a soft, rough cloth to avoid damage. Try to isolate yourself from sounds that may interrupt your broadcast, so you will have a better experience when you use your webcam while streaming directly from the PS4.

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