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We played for another thirty terrifying minutes of the demo made available by Capcom for a limited time last weekend. We tell you all the secrets and the Easter eggs we found.

After revealing all the secrets in the village demo of the upcoming Resident Evil Village, it's time for the Castle demo. In this case, despite the many rooms and the rather large area to explore, we will tell you more about the Easter Eggs and new details that the demo has revealed about what the full game will be, since we haven't found many collectibles or actual secrets.


In the Resident Evil Village Castle demo it is possible to collect 4 crystal fragments (shoot the walls when you see a sparkle while exploring), a chalice, some crystal skulls and coins (drops of the killed enemies), to exchange with Duke, the merchant, to purchase recipes or upgrades. We reserve the right to deepen the subject when we have the complete game in our hands, since Capcom has specified how in the demo there could be objects and puzzles in different positions.


In the Resident Evil Village Castle demo, some puzzles are revealed to us:

  • There are 4 large statues at the main entrance of the castle, with a plaque on the wall that explains how we will have to find the 4 corresponding masks in order to unlock the door. In the demo we will not solve even one part of this puzzle, which will probably require a long exploration of the castle
  • Labritni of NorshteynYou will find one on your right in the room with Duke. A document with a description will reveal the existence of 4 labyrinths in total, which we will probably find scattered throughout the game world. To use each maze you will first need to find a special metal sphere. Once activated, the mazes will unlock rewards. Insight for those most interested in the grotesque lore of the Resident Evil Village Castle demo: it seems that the four labyrinths are tombs containing the crystallized bones of the four wives of Norshteyn.
  • Enigma of the flaming torch: as already seen in several videos, at a certain point in order to continue in the game it will be necessary to swing, shooting at it, a fiery torch chained to the ceiling, so that it hits by setting two large torches on the sides of the room. It is a relatively simple puzzle, but made fascinating by the dynamic light effects and the room that glows in the light of the fire.

Recipes and Crafting

Even if you have the items needed to create an item, you will not be able to use crafting until you purchase the relevant recipe. Once you buy the latter, in the Resident Evil Village Castle demo you will be able to create bullets for the pistol, for the rifle, mines and healing items. The mines and bombs in particular, achievable by sacrificing gunpowder and a large amount of metal pieces, are very useful for hitting a large number of enemies at the same time, such as the zombies you will encounter in the dungeons of the castle during the demo.

Upgraded rifle and related bullets

The Resident Evil Village Castle demo confirms how the bullets you can find in crates and jars (to break with the knife) depend on the type of weapon you have. If you focus on collecting treasure without breaking any vases during the demo, you will have enough possessions to purchase some shotgun upgrades from Duke. Subsequently, by breaking the pots you will find almost exclusively ammo for the shotgun. But it doesn't stop there: if you sell the gun and keep only the shotgun in your inventory, you will also find bullets in places where the game would alternatively have you find gun ammunition.

Easter Egg

Merchant: In Resident Evil 4 the merchant has always called Leon "foreigner". In Resident Evil Village the main screen of Duke's store - the merchant you will meet on the ground floor of the castle, in the room near the stairs - you will find a funny sign that reads “No one is a stranger in this store”.

But that's not all: many will remember the iconic phrase in the original language "What're ya buiyng?" of Resident Evil 4 merchant. At the first meeting, Duke will repeat the same sentence adding, with a laugh, that it is a catchphrase of an old friend of his.

This also closes the analysis of the Resident Evil Village Castle Demo. In a few days it will be possible to tackle the two areas of the demo - Village and Castle - for a time limit of one hour instead of the half hour made available in the previous sessions. Who knows that on this new occasion we will not be able to find some more hidden gems by Capcom in what will be the eighth chapter of a Resident Evil in great shape.

► Resident Evil Village is an Adventure-type game developed and published by Capcom for PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, it will be released in 2021

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