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Creative promises to immerse the player in the world of video games with Super X-Fi technology thanks to holographic audio tailored to your ears.

With the winning of 23 prizes "Best of CES 2019-2020"For its Super X-Fi holographic audio technology, Creative has rekindled public interest in virtual surround sound technologies as the most renowned technologies such as Dolby Atmos and DTS X have often led us to be wary of virtual surrounds that promise sound indistinguishable from reality but which often prove to be a mass of reverbs and effects that only have the effect of ruining the listening experience.

Creative, with the SXFI AIR GAMER, updates the list of products compatible with its award-winning technology thanks to headphones specifically created for gamers able to give precise and clear information on the origin of each single sound, thus returning an advantage to the competitive player.

The box shows all the specifications and product information and once opened reveals the headphones, the detachable CommanderMic microphone, the 1.85m kevlar usb-c cable, the 3.5m 1.6mm audio cable and a usb-c to usb adapter -to.

Creative has also created software, SXFI control available for computers (Windows and MacOS) and SXFI App available for smartphones (Android and iOS) to control the various functions of the headphones. The computer software is divided into 4 sections: Super X-Fi, Equalizer, Lighting and Settings.

In Super X-Fi surround sound can be configured, which requires the app on your phone to scan your head and ears to create a unique Super X-Fi profile based on your physiognomy; in Equalizer you can adjust the sound via a 10-band equalizer to get the perfect sound or you can use the available presets.

In Lighting you can control the RGB led lights by putting a static color or make them pulsate among all 16 million colors available or turn them off completely while in Setting you can activate or deactivate the Super X-Fi audio and manage the volume of the headphones and microphone.

The headphones are made of a good quality plastic with the leather-lined metal band that bears the Creative logo on the top: however, there is no padding inside that could make listening annoying for some users. The pavilions, also in imitation leather, are comfortable, well padded and easy to remove in case a replacement is necessary. If the day is not too hot, the headphones can be worn for several hours without getting tired.

The headphones have a simple but refined design that does not attract attention while remaining original and by switching on the RGB, two rings and the sides of the pavilions light up and being available only in black color, the only customizable aspect is given by the lights. Inside the pavilions there are an “L” and an “R” to distinguish the two channels and on the headphones there are various controls: a physical button to turn the RGB on or off; one to mute and turn on the microphone; another to activate and select the mode between Super X-Fi and Super X-Fi Battle Mode; for the volume there is a wheel. The headphones are equipped with a usb-c port and a 3.5mm audio input but it must be said that some features, such as controls on the headphones, Super X-Fi and RGB, are only available via usb-c.

Even with the Super X-Fi mode off the headphones deliver a fantastic sound experience thanks to their 50mm neodymium drivers that produce a balanced and clean sound. The treble is clear and precise and the bass is full-bodied and defined, without prevailing over the other frequencies and the spatiality of the sound is extremely convincing even with the virtual surround technology deactivated: if the headphones were not equipped with Super X-Fi we would still recommend them for their high sound quality and construction, but the main feature of the headphones is the Super X-Fi, from which they even got their name.

This technology offers truly exceptional results and after activating it you probably won't want to turn it off: the spatiality of the sound increases significantly without creating a reverb effect and suppressing the bass and the difference can be heard both when watching a movie and playing but also if the experience is above normal we have not found significant improvements in our performance in competitive matches.

Instead, by activating the Battle Mode, a mode that brings out the sounds of shots, footsteps and players reloading the SXFI AIR GAMER, they allowed us to hear enemies in situations where we couldn't hear anything with other headphones, giving us a big advantage. Super X-Fi is a great virtual surround technology that unlike Dolby and DTS offers it works with any game, movie and audio you're listening to.

The headphones also have a detachable microphone with a said pop filter CommanderMic which uses a technology called SXFI InPerson which distinguishes between voice and background noise, which it then eliminates. The microphone is of the highest quality and if you only need it to talk to your teammates or occasionally do streams you will not have to worry about buying a separate microphone as the one of the headphones is among the best mid-high range that can be found currently. There is a voice amplification feature that allows you to hear yourself in the headphones while you speak, in many headphones you can activate or deactivate this option, on the contrary on the SXFI Air Gamer there is no way to deactivate it.

The SXFI Air Gamer are headphones with excellent sound quality and equipped with a virtual surround technology that gives a great advantage in competitive games, an original design suitable for both a gaming session and a video call and an excellent quality microphone. If you are looking for headphones that will lead you to victory in your games without neglecting the sound quality for your favorite music and you do not mind the lack of Bluetooth then the SXFI Air Gamer for only 130 euros are the right headphones for you.

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