Toys for Bob moved to Call of Duty development

The Toys for Bob developer, famous for Spyro remakes and the fourth installment of Crash, will be moved to the development of Call of Duty Warzone

The internal downsizing of Activision continues and this time it is Toys for Bob that pays the price. The prolific development house with titles like Spyro Reignited Trilogy and Crash 4 will be moved to a different project, specifically Call of Duty Warzone. Let's talk about this shift negatively as the development house seems to have lost a lot of staff due to this change

Toys for Bob is proud to support development for Season 3 of Call of Duty #Warzone, and look forward to more to come. #LETSGO dev squads! # Verdansk84 pic.twitter.com/ERmFSWeaIk

- Toys For Bob (@ToysForBob) April 29, 2021

For some former Toys for Bob developers this is the end of an era. This choice of Activision could mean the end of the short but prolific rebirth of the "platform mascots". After all, both Spyro and Crash have been very successful and it would be sad to see the studio's good work result in an interruption of the projects in which he has now specialized. We just have to monitor the situation to understand what Activision's real intentions are.

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