Wattpad: what it is and how it works

Wattpad is the world's most loved social storytelling platform and connects a global community of 90 million readers.

Wattpad is designed for lovers of writing and reading and aims to bring readers and writers together.

It is accessible via a website, which can be opened from any computer or Mac browser, but it can also be used to read books and publish stories with the free application for Android and iOS.

Website and applications offer a completely free service, cataloging short stories, novels or fanfiction by writers from all over the world.

From the point of view of the writers Wattpad is concerned with protecting the authorship of a work, allowing the writer to be able to choose to protect his story with different copyright options. Inside it has various sectors, including:

  • Wattpad Studios which highlights untapped, unsigned and talented writers and connects them to each other and to readers, facilitating connections with editorial and multimedia partners.
  • Wattpad Books which proposes different voices bringing Wattpad stories to published books and shelves around the world.
  • Wattpad Star to publish or adapt our story for cinema or television, also in collaboration with Amazon Prime Video. More than 1000 original Wattpad stories have been published, produced or adapted for TV or film.
  • Enter writing contests to get published, win prizes and collaborate with global brands.

How Wattpad works on PC and Mac

To start Wattpad you need to go to the website from any desktop browser for Windows PC and Mac. To do this:

  • open the browser you usually use and type wwww.wattpad.com in the address bar,
  • press the Enter key,
  • when the Home Page of the website is displayed, proceed with the free registration, which is necessary to read and publish stories and stories,
  • registration is mandatory and is done by creating an account through the connection with Facebook or Google,
  • you can also use a different email and proceed to create an account by indicating a different email address,
  • depending on the social network we have chosen, press the Facebook or Google button,
  • or complete the registration by indicating all the required data in the appropriate text fields: Username, E-mail and Password and then press the Start reading button.

Once the registration is complete, it will be proposed to follow some popular authors, to do this:

  • press the Following button displayed next to the stories that are suggested,
  • by choosing some users to follow, their stories will be displayed in our news feed, i.e. on the Wattpad main screen,
  • after choosing the users to follow, we need to customize our profile on Wattpad,
  • click on the username located in the top bar,
  • from the drop-down menu that will open, tap on the My profile item to access the section dedicated to the personalized creation of the account,
  • on the next screen press on the Edit profile item, from here you can upload an image and write other information about us, filling in the items Location, Information and my website,
  • at the end, press the Save changes button to update the profile. It is also useful to add a personal description using the Add a description button.

If you use Wattpad from the website you will be able to access three main sections:

  • Discover
  • Crea
  • Community

All three present in the top bar of the platform.

Better to start with the choice: Find out. From here a drop-down menu will appear, to be browsed with the list of stories on Wattpad, based on the literary genre of our interest: fantasy, science fiction, humor, vampires and much more.

Pressing on a category you can view all the stories and novels related to the chosen genre, divided by hashtag and sub-categories:

  • Sensational,
  • In the foreground,
  • In words,
  • New.

How to read a story on Wattpad

To start reading a story:

  • click on the title,
  • press the Read button. Wattpad stories are usually divided into several chapters, and then, after reading the first chapter, press the Continue reading the next part,
  • while reading a story you can leave comments and notes for the writer; to do it:
  • press the (+) button located next to the text,
  • you can publish your impressions on the story, by writing a judgment in the appropriate text field Leave a comment and then press the Publish button.

How to publish a story on Wattpad

The Create menu item is essential if you want to start writing and publishing a story.

Go to the My Works section:

  • click on the + New Story button to start writing the story,
  • to publish, you must fill in the items Title, Description, Tag, Literary genre, Language, Copyright and Classification,
  • add the cover image,
  • press the Next button.
  • In this way we would be inside the Wattpad editor and we can begin the actual drafting of the story; to publish it:
  • press the Publish button. The story will be published in Wattpad's online library and other people will be able to read and comment on it, following our profile,
  • another way to use Wattpad is to participate in the competitions organized by the platform, to participate in them go to the Community item and press the menu on Writing competitions.

How Wattpad works on Android and iOS

The Wattpad online reading platform can also be used via a free application for Android and iOS.

To use it on a smartphone or tablet, you need to:

  • download the application from the device's default store (iOS App Store or Android PlayStore),
  • find the Wattpad application via the search engine,
  • press the Get / Install button from an iOS device, or the Install / Accept button, if you download the application from Android,
  • completed the download and installation,
  • press the Open button or click on the app icon that will have been added to the Home screen to start it.

Wattpad's operation on Android and iOS is similar to that of the online platform:

  • registration or access is required,
  • complete the procedure by logging in with Facebook (button Register with Facebook / Login with Facebook) or by manually entering the email address and password,
  • press the Login or Sign Up button.

The Wattpad user interface on Android and iOS devices is quite simple, the three sections already seen: Discover, Create and Community are visible by tapping on the icons in the lower bar of the application.

The symbol of the house is the Wattpad Home Page, from whose noticeboard you will see all the updates of the authors followed. From the button with the symbol of the books you will have access to the Library section, with the list of all the stories to read.

To register on the mobile device, you need to change your profile by clicking on the button with the little man symbol, the method of customizing the account is the same as seen for the web of the platform.

To write a new story, add chapters or change the one already inserted, you need to press the button with the pencil symbol from which to access to write a story and modify the previously written works.

Summarizing from:

  • Create: We share our original story on Wattpad.
  • Build: A global fan base is established as the story gains readership and momentum. You connect with other like-minded writers through storytelling.
  • Amplify: You earn Wattpad Star status by having our story published or adapted to film or television with Wattpad Books and Wattpad Studios!
  • Post Often: Wattpad's advice is to post often to encourage audience enthusiasm and participation, as well as get feedback as we write.
  • Cultivating fan base: It is necessary to give free space to different voices and stories from all over the world, so as to quickly create a large community of readers.

Diritti d'autore su Wattpad

As for copyrights, here are some rules provided by Wattpad:

  • The author of the story has all rights to the content created and published on Wattpad.
  •  Publishing on Wattpad does not mean losing the first rights nor would it be seen as a reprint by a publisher.
  •  You can remove the published story anytime you want.
  • Some writers can even monetize their stories.
  • Readers can support the writers they care about.
  • A few select writers and stories have been chosen to be part of Paid Stories, where parts of the story can be unlocked with Wattpad Coins.

To learn more, visit wattpad.com/paidstories.

Also on the site you can read that Wattpad is committed to protecting the work of their writers, with automatic protection by copyright law as soon as the story is published.

Copy / paste functions are also disabled to prevent easy copying of the job.

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