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    What is Garena Free Fire and what is it about? When did the game come out or was it created?

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    There are many video games that we can currently have, this is thanks to the expansion of technology and the way of creating video games. Today there are games for all tastes and tastes.

    We can find from strategy games for those people who like to think a little. Games of cars and racing for those who love speed, action and adventure games for those who love to experience adrenaline and many other categories.

    The best thing about this is that we can choose from the ones that suit us best and play them or, depending on our mood, we can play whatever we want.

    Games «Online» and Free Fire

    Multiplayer games have become the essence of video games lately. Thanks to connectivity of we currently have via the internet, it is very easy to connect with friends and enjoy these great games.

    Being able to play in real time with players from all over the world is great, especially battle games are the most popular. Where multiple players connect and experience epic battles.

    The games that are currently the most played in the world have been developed in this category. For example, Garena Free Fire is one such game, which has positioned itself as one of the best since its launch.

    What is Garena Free Fire and what is it about?

    This is a multiplayer game, designed so that multiple players can connect and enjoy its great features. Garena Free Fire allows us to control a character in an open world, where we can explore and fight enemies.

    Shortly after its launch, it hit millions of downloads, making it one of the most played video games in the world. It was originally designed for platforms iOS e Android, but can also be used by computers via operating system emulators.

    Once we have downloaded Garena Free Fire, we need to access the game interface, so we need to configure the profile with which we will identify ourselves during the game. Choosing a character is something essential we need to do.

    The game starts mounted on a plane with 49 other enemies, we have to jump from the plane and when we touch the ground, it is already a war of all against all. Mostly known as «Battle Royale».

    You have to stay alive by eliminating the other players and being inside the area that normally closes depending on the moment of the game. On the map where we are playing there will be weapons, vests and tools to be well equipped, in the end there will be only a few players left and if we are the last to survive, we will be the winners of the game.

    Something that characterizes Garena Free Fire is the incredible graphics with which it was designed. The overall gameplay of the game is very amazing, as is the interaction you have with all the elements of the video game.

    Every now and then they bring us new updates to Garena Free Fire, better and with incredible designs. In addition to new maps, new characters and weapons, which we can configure to our liking.

    When was the Garena Free Fire game released or created?

    The video game was officially released on 4 December 2017 for platforms iOS and Android, downloadable from the respective official stores. Previously, a beta version was unveiled, but it wasn't until December 2017 that it was officially released.

    Has been developed by the company 111dots Studio and distributed by Garena, a digital platform in charge of developing and publishing digital content for mobile devices and computers. The director and designer of Garena Free Fire is Forrest Xiaodong Li, since its launch Garena Free Fire has positioned itself as one of the best multiplayer games.

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