What is the most played game ever on Roblox?

It was originally conceived as a simple Minecraft clone, only to evolve and become something much larger and more impressive. Roblox it can be considered to all intents and purposes a social videogame platform where you can play a huge number of special titles created by the users themselves and it is an ever-expanding reality.

But what is the most played game on Roblox? According to the latest data updated to March 2021, at the top of the ranking we find Adopt me!, focused on adopting and caring for pets and eventually trading them with other players. In total Adopt me! was played over 20.5 billion times, reaching its peak of concurrent active players in January 2021, about 500.000. The game clearly detaches all the rest of the productions on Roblox: tower of hell, the second most popular game ever on the platform, has been played a total of 10.25 billion times, practically half the amount recorded by Adopt me !, while the third place, MeepCity, stops at "only" 9.3 billion.

Already available on PC, Xbox One and mobile systems, Roblox is about to arrive on PS5 and Switch, as well as on Oculus Quest thus embracing virtual reality. Have you heard of the Roblox x Gucci event and how much some players spent on this occasion?

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