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    What minimum requirements does my PC need to play Valorant? - Valorant specifications

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    Among these qualities we can take into account that it is not a new edition with a name other than Counter Strike: Global Offensive or Overwatch. Riot Games has focused on its creation and design since the its theme is much more "creative" compared to the classic multiplayer shooter we're used to playing.

    How does Valorant differ from other multiplayer shooter games?

    If we have to start breaking down the big differences that can occur in this recent game released in mid-2020, we can denote the gameplay. It is true that some people have compared it to a game like Free Fire or Call of Duty Warzone, but the truth is that it presents a much simpler and more practical style of play for users.

    Within the world of Valorant we will not have identical characters or characters. That means. Each of Valorant's characters features their own story, costume, personality, and even powers. Differentiating itself greatly from other titles focusing on online multiplayer shooters. But there is much more to tell about this game from Riot Games.

    Valuing tells a story embarked on a future world where something horrible happened and only a few people were left to witness such a disaster. As we said before, these people now have powers that they can use to protect themselves, block and outsmart their opponents in case they want to eliminate us in some way.

    At the start of each part, we will have the typical option of choosing any weapon we want or need, but we will also have the possibility of obtaining a special power that will be of great help to us when we find ourselves at war. These powers cannot eliminate enemies but if we can hinder their passage we can eliminate them ourselves.

    We will have the opportunity to choose our characters, look for costumes and ways to customize them and then use them while running the respective game modes that Valorant presents to us a moment before starting the respective game. It is important that when we start we plan a strategy to win.

    Finally, very interesting information related to this game is the graphics. Valorant has a very different graphics section from other multiplayer shooter games but not for that worse. Riot Games has created this game with this particularity so that it can be played on any type of computer or laptop without any problem or inconvenience.

    However, despite these solutions presented in favor of greater accessibility with those people who do not have a large computer, we will have some minimum requirements which we will have to satisfy if we want to play this fabulous game normally. Stay and find out the basic requirements of the game.

    What are the minimum requirements my PC needs to play Valorant?

    The least that we will have to have it available to be able to play Valorant without any problem are the following requirements that we will leave you below.

    • We will need to have at least one processor Core i3-370M to be able to play the game on our computer or laptop.
    • One of the most important points is to have a memory RAM of at least 4 Gb implemented to ensure that the game does not show any problems or bugs.
    • A graphics card Intel HD 300 integrated into our PC.
    • We will need to have the Windows operating system installed in any of its versions such as Windows 7, 8 and 10. All of these with 64 bit.
    • We will need to have around 30 Gb of hard drive storage space available.

    It is important to note that with these specifications our game will run at a speed of 30 FPS. While normally with a more complete PC it can reach 60 FPS (Medium) or 144 FPS (High).

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