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    What should you know about the New World, its homes, fast travel and Azoth?

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    Video games where you can have a life inside are the ones that are currently in public view, you have to be careful as player toxicity exists and you may become addicted to a game.

    New World is one such video game, since you can have your own homes with your own efforts, take trips, and even earn some kind of coin. Next, we will show you some things we can do in this video game.

    What is the main use of Azoth?

    Azoth is a bright blue object that can be acquired in several ways. For its primary use it is mandatory to have coins for the variation of the game content. The Azoth can be used to travel to any place you have already visited, in itself its greatest use is to make quick trips.

    You can use Azoth to give your party better weapons and attributes, just like you can retrieve skill trees. This substance called Azoth you can get continuously during the missions you do, there are blue enemies, these can release an interesting variety of Azoth.

    What should you consider before using Azoth on your travels?

    Azoth is a substance that is said to do a variety of things in your game, such as having better skills. Likewise, from the level 20 it will be easier to get Azoth. But in the meantime, this is what you should find before using your Azoth.

    The longer the journey, the higher the cost

    Since your travel destination is far away, you will have to spend more on Azoth, but if your travel destination is close, you can save Azoth, as it won't be that expensive. The best option for this is to save an amount of gold and purchase a small booth, like this you will save your Azoth even more.

    You can only travel between cities and key locations

    Azoth has the ability to travel with them in key places or cities, it will not allow you to travel if these two options are not.

    If you bring a lot of things, the cost increases

    Although they will already charge you Azoth for the trip, you will be charged for the extra weight, try not to carry that many things if you want to save Azoth, and even more if your trip is far away.

    New world is a video game that you can get on the Amazon platform called Amazon Luna, where you can easily download video games.

    What is the function of homes in the New World?

    House in New World is an option for characters to get a house in the game where they can customize the decoration to their liking.

    If you are a beginner, for get homes you have to keep in mind that you can get it by doing experiences so that you get more points. You can also create a group and play at home, for this you need to have a reputation in your community.

    Houses can be features you want, so you need to be able to buy them or get them as a gift. Some have balconies, are in a good location, there is a very varied list of houses that you can buy, look for the one that best suits your needs.

    The house you will live in must be neat and tidy. This brings with it a number of taxes, when you fail this tax, you can be seized.

    When you get this home you will have the option to have a place you can go when you go on a trip or something like that, you can also buy from these houses around it. By purchasing a home you will enter the community that said home is located in, so it is a good option to share with your friends in the community.

    How can you remember an inn on your travels in the New World?

    When you start your journey you will need to register an inn close to where you are, this works as a temporary home or in case of death, the way to remember this is to open the map, then locate where in the settlement your inn is and click Remember.

    This option can only be used once an hour, but if you get lost, the fast travel option will put you in a place where you are safe.

    What's the correct way to take a quick trip to the New World?

    You can use this option when you see a discovered destination, you will see that this point will be marked on your map, it is recommended to explore your map first and then take a quick trip. 

    This is a tactic that players have discovered to make fast travel easier, and it consists of the following:

    It's all about getting yourself killed in the game to appear on the verge of a quick trip that you got there, you may take damage, but the reward will be good. 

    Remember, if you upgrade your OS to Windows 11 your game will be faster, New World is a heavy game and if your version is the latest you will have fewer complications during the game.

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