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    Where are they and how to get helicopters in GTA 5? - Grand Theft Auto 5

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    Advantages of getting helicopters in GTA 5

    Los Santos, the region in which this installment of GTA takes place, is extraordinarily large. It has large green spaces and the city itself is rich and extensive. To accomplish each of its missions it will be necessary to travel this great map countless times. If you too are one of those who like to discover secrets, the challenge is even greater as they abound in large numbers.

    With this in mind, it is obviously necessary to have a vehicle close at hand. To do this, the friends of Rockstar have substantially improved the physics of the cars and their handling, one of the joys of the game. However, it is indisputable that even moving in the air it has its own charm and is a section that the developers have curated with great care.

    By getting helicopters in GTA 5 you will have a chance to move through the air. This way you will enjoy pleasant views and exceptionally low traffic, ideal for smooth and fast travel. It also has the advantage of avoiding certain persecutions and reaching remote places, of difficult to access. You can also try skydiving (or without it) if you like strong emotions.

    For some missions in story mode you will necessarily have to resort to these vehicles, but they also have other non-negligible advantages. Keep in mind that, among its many models, different helicopters will have their own particular weapons if you know how to choose, what are you waiting for?

    Where to find helicopters in GTA 5?

    Now, if you are here, what you want is to know where you can find one of these fun and powerful vehicles. The options are different and depending on the location the models vary in terms of design, performance and features. Not all of them are immediately available, but that way you can definitely get one.


    Perhaps the most boring, but most effective way, you should only buy your helicopter if you have the necessary resources. For example, you can request it from Lester and pay what he asks of you. On the other hand, if you already have the level 30 you can call Merryweather and simply ask them to find you in one.

    rub it

    What doubt is there? The option "Forced loan" it is certainly the most compelling and preferred by many. To do this, you just need to advance through the main story or go to some of the places mentioned below. Don't forget that in such cases you may encounter some resistance from its original owners.

    The most popular and safest of all is the hospital heliport. In this case you just have to get on the roof, take the helicopter and go to rescue the injured person (or not)

    On the other hand, in all likelihood, the favorite of the majority is that of the police. It is also located on the roof, but in this case from the police station, it has the added advantage of its small size. It does not always appear, but on many occasions it has weapons, perhaps that is why it is preferred when getting helicopters in GTA 5.

    Finally, if you are looking for something with a little more than "weight" you may have to go to the military base where you can also find tanks. Certain, the military is usually not very friendly to those who come close to their toys, so take your predictions. but if you don't know where it is, click here to find out its location.

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