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    Why does Pokemon Café Mix close when I'm playing? - Solution

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    But you have to pass a series of levels by completing the puzzles that are presented to prepare the dishes to eat and drink. In addition, different dishes must be prepared to satisfy the customers and, in turn, steps must be taken for expand the cafeteria.

    Why does Pokémon Café Mix close when I'm playing?

    Also, it should be noted that if the game is closed, one of the reasons could be compatibility of the game with the device. In turn, it could be due to a connection error or the internet becoming slow, so to fix it, try changing the connection. Here we show you how to improve your WiFi speed.

    You can also try connecting in different places or at different times of the day. Also, the problems may be due to the device not having enough memory space, this can be solved by freeing up space.

    Another technique you can implement to solve the problem is turn off the device and turn it back on. Try restarting the game but consider closing all applications you have in order to have good performance and the game will not close again.

    You should also take into consideration that your device meets all the requirements that the game has and you can find them via this link. So check that your phone has enough space in so as not to have problems or that as the game progresses it closes. Another recommended technique is to close and open the application, if the problem persists you can restart the device.

    Pokémon Café Mix troubleshooting

    In turn, the space for installing the game is one and you need to have additional space to be able to save the game file or game progress. Likewise, if you don't have the space you need for save game progress, you have to close the application, free up space and reopen the game.

    Another solution for gaming problems is to restart the device when playing games for long periods of time. Or when using other applications, the game's functionality tends to deteriorate, so restarting is recommended.

    So consider taking each of the recommendations so that you can troubleshoot the game when it quits unexpectedly. And carefully consider the system requirements so you don't have any problems when installing.

    Other interesting facts about Pokémon Café Mix

    Also, as far as the game is concerned, it must be said that as the complete levels of the game are passed, the new recipes will unlocked, this method serves as a reward.

    In addition, it will be equipped with equipment to be able to expand the room. As the game progresses, new Pokémon will appear to help out in the cafeteria.

    It is important to note that this Pokémon stream is available for the Nintendo Switch. Its launch took place on June 23 and an interesting piece of information is that it only requires 112 MB of available space and this version will only be compatible with portable mode.

    It is important that users understand that this game is not available for classic TV mode or for tablets used as televisions.

    Also, you will not be able to download the application via LTE or 3G connections, it is only recommended to download the game via Wi-Fi. This is recommended due to the device configuration also if you don't have a compatible device, you won't be able to download it.

    Finally we hope you enjoyed this article, however we would like to know, were you able to fix any errors that occur with the game? Do you know of another arrangement method for Pokémon Cafe Mix? We invite you to leave us your answer in the comments.

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