Why is League of Legends late, slow and freezing? - Lag LoL solution

Basically the game uses a collective activity structure. Where users from all over the world develop allied groups to compete in arenas. Since its inception, great popularity has been created among the virtual community. Reached approx 6 million connected users playing simultaneously.

Why is League of Legends late, slow and freezing?

The first version of League of Legends, as is clear from the name in Spanish, would have been created almost exclusively for the Microsoft company. However, he had one version a bit' "rudimentary" for OS X platforms, obviously that over time has been improved by users.

Another of Lol's virtues is the broad symbiosis that exists between its developers and its users. Since there is constant monitoring of online players. To avoid certain frictions or even a malicious use of the platform to attack users. In the event that any of them engage in prohibited actions, they could be exposed to an account penalty of up to 15 days or permanent expulsion.

What are the reasons why League of Legends is lagging, slow and freezing and how to fix it?

If you are one of those who have been hit in League of Legends, as the game is slower than usual, it gets stuck or the picture freezes. The cause may be an error on the server or connection. To determine what the causes are and how to fix them, we will take a look at each section of the game and the actions to be taken.

Here we indicate the minimum requirements to play. 

League of Legends or League of Legends requires a space minimum storage of 8 Gb. So the main problem where the video game gets slow or freezes is usually due to the lack of enough space.

To verify that this is not the problem, you can enter the section of your computer's storage   and check the percentage of available space. If it is really compressed you will have to delete the content that you do not think necessary and that take up too much space. In case that isn't enough, you'll need to get a hard drive with a larger capacity.

Since the game works online, it is not free from Internet virus attacks. Make sure you have a really useful antivirus program.

Some operating systems, such as Microsoft Windows, have a pre-configured firewall to prevent malicious content from accessing your computer. Check the configuration section and make sure the game is not paused by the system.

You need to make sure you are using the latest software update on your computer. This is to make sure it is truly compatible with League of Legends ciphers.

Other common causes of slow play and sometimes freezing are due all’apertura di too many cards. Then several processes are performed at the same time. Make sure you close the ones you don't really think are important.

Check your internet connection and verify that it is working properly. There are some occasions when there are network errors and this leads to connection errors. We show you some tricks to speed up the internet.

Finally, you can choose to play from your computer using window mode. In order not to prejudice the resolution that was granted and consequently cause failure in game development. You can also activate the low performance mode from the League of Legends tools to disable some animations and sound effects that are not needed.

Finally, we hope this information has been useful to you. However, we would like to hear from you.Do you know any other reasons why League of Legends lagea? Leave us your answer in the comments.

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