Amazon Top-up at Cashier: pay in cash without a credit card

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Amazon Top-up at Cashier: pay in cash without a credit card through the new service offered.

This is how Amazon defines its new customer service:

“We are delighted to be able to deliver Amazon Top up at the cashier to our customers in Spain as part of our ongoing commitment to ensure an increasingly comfortable shopping experience for our customers. Each of our innovations is developed for the benefit of our customers and Amazon Top-up in Cashier is intended for all those people who prefer to use cash, allowing them to access the wide selection of products, affordable prices and fast shipping guaranteed by Amazon. "

How to pay cash on Amazon with Amazon Top up at the cashier

Amazon Top up at the Cashier how it works

Go to the site log in with your credentials and click on "get your barcode" in the left menu.

The Amazon will provide a personal barcode via SMS or in PDF format from having to scan.

Now with the code obtained on your smartphone or by printing the PDF you will have to go any affiliated shop, as Sisal Pay, far scan this code and reload your Amazon account.

Once the code has been scanned, top up your Amazon account with a minimum value of € 15 to a maximum of € 500.

Done as soon as the merchant gives you the transaction receipt you will find the money deposited in your Amazon account that you can spend on the most famous e-commerce portal in the world.

You can check your balance right away by clicking here

The barcode can be used every time you want to pay with Amazon Top-up - At Checkout and you won't need to generate a new code every time. (So ​​keep it to go to authorized centers and top up your Amazon Top up at the Cashier whenever you want.

The affiliated shops are currently only i Sisal Pay. There are more than 40.000 locations throughout Spain that you can find by clicking here and find the point closest to you to use the Amazon Top-up in Cashier offer.

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