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    Best Indie Games of 2021: Indie Games Festival Finalists

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    As usual at the end of the first quarter of each year, Google has formalized the finalists of the Indie Games Festival, its annual festival that brings together the best games created by independent companies and developers from Europe, Japan and South Korea.

    Before celebrating the final of the festival, which unfortunately cannot take place in person on April 25 as planned due to the crisis caused by the coronavirus, Google has published the 20 finalists for each of the divisions of this competition. And as usual, we have decided to compile them to give you the chance to try them on your mobile and find out why they became the picks of this festival that brought together some of the best independent developers from much of the world.

    Like every year, all the developers of the finalist titles will receive exclusive benefits and promotions that will help them grow and go even further. However, only the winners will receive the first prizes which will be distributed within a few weeks.

    The best indie games in Europe

    Among all the games created by developers of European origin stand out titles like Bad North, one of our favorite games launched in September last year, or Trafixx, a fantastic casual-style title that was selected as one at the time. best releases of the week in the category of new mobile games. Among these there is also The White Door, one of the latest creations from the creators of the Rusty Lake series; as well as Demons Never Lie, by Spanish developer Maika Hernández.

    • 60 parsec! at Robot Gentleman
    • Test corridor di Jake Matthews-Belcher
    • Alien flight di Korion Games
    • frequencies alternatives to accidental queens
    • Bad North in Rawfury
    • Bounce that bird! di Affinity Project
    • Cessabit: an anti-stress game of Tepes Ovid
    • Color stains from UX apps
    • Cookies must die di Rebel Twins
    • Demons never lie at Maika Hernandez
    • Doors: Awakening di Big Loop
    • Far away: galactic escape by Pine Studio
    • invented at Afterburn
    • My Diggy Dog 2 di King Bird Games
    • The White Door at Rusty Lake
    • Tiny Tomb: Dungeon Explorer vTinycorp
    • Traffic by Infinity Games
    • Tricky Castle del Team Tricky
    • Unhatched by Filip Loster
    • Void Tyrant by Pretty Fresh

    The best indie games from Japan

    Monument Valley, one of the best games for exercising the mind.

    Equally interesting are the securities from Japan, among which we find titles that during their first months of life have managed to deceive thousands of players from all over the world, such as GIGAFALL, METBOY! o History of the snowman.

    • AmayadoriYanase. di Charon
    • CUBE GARDEN by Fukudanuki
    • GIGAFALL di Shiki Game Studio
    • GummyShooter di simatten
    • Home Fighter of hap inc.
    • Matsuro Palette by SleepingMuseum
    • Mocha - Puzzle Dagsaw - di Kotoriyama, Inc.
    • By Mitsuhiro Okada MonsterTrader
    • Overturning di Katsu Matsuda
    • Shiritori - The word chain game by Baton
    • History of the snowman by Odencat
    • FAUCET! TO DIG! MY MUSEUM! of oridio inc.
    • Teiji Taisha Online di toru sugitani
    • The Final Taxi by Zxima.LLC
    • Without crown da NESTOPI Inc.
    • Wasurenaide, otona ni wet mo by GAGEX Co., Ltd.
    • World for Two in seventh place
    • Zelle di Odencat Fuming

    The best indie games in South Korea

    The list ends with South Korea's best indie games, consisting of titles such as Little Boy or Magic Survival. A large variety of games that can be downloaded via the Google Play Store.

    • Online castle defense by BlackHammer
    • DiceEmpire by Banjiha Games
    • Domino City by Bad Beans
    • DUST by I-eye studio
    • Electroad by Night Owl Studio
    • Extreme football of 9M Interactive
    • From the earth by Centauros Entertainment
    • Great Sword - Stickman Action RPG by Olivecrow
    • Ristorante Heroes from Team Tapas
    • Little Boy by 39Studio
    • Magical survival by LEME
    • Mayday Memory from
    • Petrider by Ddookdak studio
    • Mars project by Moontm
    • Izzle QV
    • Sand Shark: The boy and the sea at GABANGMAN STUDIO
    • Staroid: brick shooter at the Spring Games
    • Sword Master Story by CodeCAT
    • Not destroyed from games Keymakermaker
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