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This guide will cover the swamp pits of the world of Diablo Immortal also known as the Bilefen Zone along with the quest line that takes place in this area and all the places highlighted as dungeons and other events in this area.

Table of contents 1) Diablo Immortal Bilefen Zone Map Overview 2) Diablo Immortal Bilefen Mission Series 2.1) Welcome to the Jungle 2.2) Overgrown Temple 2.3) Fiery Raid 2.4) Between Bodies 2.5) Heart of the Jungle 2.6) Talk to Danger 2.7 ) The final summoning 3) How to cultivate the biliary zone in Diablo Immortal

Diablo Immortal Bilefen area map overview

Players will come to Bilefen to level up from 4o-45, after completing the Zoltan Kulle Library.

Bilefen Zone is an island filled with swampy wells, stinking ponds, swarms of insects and, on top of that, Pirate Lairs. The area is home to the Ancient Arena, The Proving Grounds and together with that the Namari Temple.

The temple is said to contain an evil that could wreak havoc in the world and is guarded by the spirit of an ancient wizard.

Diablo Immortal Bilefen quest line

After finishing the Zoltan Kulle Library, the next part of the main Diablo Immortal storyline continues here.

Welcome to the jungle

To begin the adventure, you will need to enter Port Justinian. After that, you'll need to talk to Sandro the Mouth to advance the current objective. Once you're done, follow Sandro to reach Talva Silvertongue.

You will have to wait to speak to Talva and once he has spoken, he will conclude the first part of the questline.

Overgrown temple

Starting off, you will have to reach the Namari Temple and once you reach there you will have to face the guardians of the temple that you will have to take down. You will find Jin there you need to talk to.

This will summon Namari and then you will converse with her. After that she talks to Jin again who will tell you to return to Port Justinian, concluding the second part of the questline.

Fiery raid

To get started, you'll need to talk to Jin who is already there. She will ask you to find Talva in Port Justinian while she takes down the enemies. Once found, she talks to him and retrieves the information.

After that, leave Port Justinian, completing the third part of the questline.

Between the bodies

First, you'll need to find Cadeus. Once you find it, talk to him and then follow him. You will find a corpse in the water that you will need to examine.

Kill the worm that spawns and then talk to Cadeus again. Follow the tracks of the corpses in the river as you kill the Maggot Brood. After that, make your way to the abandoned village where you will talk to Cadeus again.

Cadeus will ask you to find the elder's house, so talk to the village elder who will attack you and have to be shot down. After killing him, grab the lighthouse and talk to Cadeus to finish this part.

Heart of the jungle

You will have to save the survivors. Once you are done and cleared all the mobs of enemies, you will need to talk to Watts. He will ask you to free the survivors from the fetish village.

Then you will have to find Geli, another of the survivors, and talk to him. After talking to Geli, you will have to reach Kikuras Rapids, a dungeon which you will have to explore.

Exploring this dungeon will complete this part of the questline.

Talk to the danger

To meet Jin, you will have to go to Crimsonblade Haven where you will have to find and talk to Jin and then Jin will ask you to follow her to Rhodri's private dock.

Once there, enter Rhodri's ship, scan the cabin, scan the deck, and finally talk to Jin. There you will find a cage, which upon inspection will summon Rhodri that you will have to fight.

Inside the cage, you will find another beacon which can be obtained by lifting the cage and then talking to Jin. Kill all the enemies and get off Rhodri's ship and go talk to Jin.

The final evocation

Jin will ask you to return to the Namari Temple. Once he reaches there, he places the lighthouse at the specified points and then talks to Namari. Once finished, he enters the Namari Temple.

Inside the temple, you will find Sargoth, who you will have to take down and then finally go out and talk to Jin who will conclude the Bilefen questline.

How to cultivate the biliary zone in Diablo Immortal

There are many different activities and places in the Bilefen area that can be a lot of fun to explore. Below we have mentioned most of the activities in the Bilefen area

Ancient Arena - Proving Ground is an area where players can participate in PvP battles on a chest that will spawn one hour before the event starts and will grant a legendary item.

Underground of Bilefen they are underground located in the Bilefen area. There are a total of two dungeons: Kikuras Rapids and Temple of Namari that can be explored.

Elite boss they are also present in the area such as Rhodri the Red, Sargoth, Chieftain Ongori, etc.

Objectives of the Code they are extra challenges that can be completed for some bonus points.

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