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I boss di Elden Ring make you damn? Here is a guide to finding them all with the strategy on how to defeat them, tips on how to avoid getting beaten up, and all the rewards you can get by taking out these powerful enemies. This guide goes hand in hand with the complete Elden Ring guide.

Please note: The world of Elden Ring is full of many more or less great Bosses. In this guide we will only cover the really great bosses, or those linked to the trophies / achievements of the game. Compared to these, in fact, the minor bosses are really a walk to beat. You will find them all below divided by main Bosses to be faced absolutely to proceed in the plot and optional bosses who, however, really enrich the gaming experience and have nothing to envy to the main ones, indeed some are even better.

Before leaving, we advise you to arm yourself with the Zanna del Limiere, one of the strongest weapons of Elden Ring that you can easily obtain in Sepulcride and is capable of inflicting both very large damage (scaling on dexterity and strength) and the bleeding malus (55 points per hit). It's a great weapon against any boss, even options, and a godsend against Malenia. If you have difficulty and do not want to create a complex build, just focus on Stamina, Health Points, Strength and Dexterity and with this sword you will be invincible. You can find it in the Eternal Galley of Limiere Alacre, south of the place of grace Lago di Agheel Sud always south of Sepolcride. It is a jail that is also part of an optional point of Blaidd's quest.

Also, getting the legendary ashes Reflected Tear, in the Eternal City of Nokron. We refer you to Ranni's mission to find out where exactly to find her. In addition, it is useful to have restored the Godrick's rune, which boosts all stats (here's how to reset it and how to use it).


  • Margit, the relentless omen
  • Godrick, the grafted one
  • Red Wolf of Radagon
  • Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon
  • Radahn, the Celestial Scourge
  • Godfrey, the first lord
  • Morgott, il Re presagio
  • Giant of fire
  • Duo sacriderma
  • Maliketh, la Lama Nera
  • Hoarah Loux, the warrior
  • Radagon of the Golden Order and Ancestral Beast


  • Ancestry of Leonine
  • Royal Guard Loretta
  • Drago di Magma Makar
  • Draconid soldier of Nokstella
  • Lord Draconico Placidusax
  • Malenia, Spada di Miquella
  • Rykard, Lord of Blasphemy
  • Mohg, Lord of Blood
  • Mohg, the omen
  • Necrodrago Fortissax
  • Royal Ancestral Spirit
  • Ancestral Spirit
  • Bold Gargoyle
  • Noble Sacriderm
  • Reflected tear
  • Loretta, knight of the Sacred Tree
  • Astel, offspring of the void
  • Elemer del Rovo
  • Commander Niall

Margit, the Relentless Omen

WHERE: Sepulcride, Castle of Grantempesta. Closest Place of Grace: Corridor to the Castle.

STRATEGIA: Margit is truly relentless as her name already warns. Its attacks are devastating, ferocious and deadly. If he hits you with a full 3 hit combo he immediately sends you to the creator. Classes that take advantage of close combat will be severely disadvantaged against this boss (Editor's note and one who took the Outlaw tells you!).

Parrying is almost useless because while cushioning the blows the shield fails to block the heavy blows of Margit. If you are masters of the parade you can try to parry her attacks at the last second. Doing it twice in a row Margit will enter a stun phase and you can skewer him with your sword making him fall to the ground, but you really have to be pretty skilled. THEThe best way to avoid his attacks is to dodge, dodge and dodge (but be careful not to fall into the ravines on either side of the arena).

But remember that some shots are really hard to dodge so better not stay close to them if you can. The best times to hit him are basically two: when he jumps towards you (even with the hammer), roll towards him to avoid the blow and hit him, even with a nice charged attack, or at the end of a combo of blows, in this second case you will have very few seconds to hit it.

As soon as you take away half of its life point it will become more lethal and he will also add heavy hammer blows and swords of light to his combos which, however, can be parried without too much damage with a shield.

ADDITIONAL TIPS: Before entering, from the right, you can summon the Sorcerer Rogier who will give you a big hand distracting the enemy. You can also summon some Spirits into battle to help you. Better the Wolves or the Fanged Demons. Both are hard to hit and Margit will waste a lot of time chasing them. You can also go to Patches in Sepulcride and buy an item that you can use in the fight to knock down Margit for a few seconds.

REWARD: 9000 rune e Borsa Talismano (Slot Talismani +1)

Godrick the Grafted

WHERE: Sepulcride, Castle of Grantempesta. Closest Place of Grace: Isolated Cell.

STRATEGIA: Compared to Margit, Godrick will be a walk in the park as it comes to a rather slow enemy (despite the large number of arms available) which moves in a really spacious arena. His combos are all easily dodged, just take the right time and the same goes for his jump attacks. I advise you to enhance (perhaps with balm or an amulet), the charged attack of your weapon so as to put him on the spot in a few strokes.

Godrick's most annoying move it is undoubtedly the one that uses the wind and then hurls you against a sort of mini hurricane that zigzags. Move away as it loads and roll to avoid hurricanes. Also dodge when he loads the blow to knock the ax on the ground, if you are nearby, however, you will have a good two seconds to hit him. And after the second blast in the ground, approach again to give it a shot.

Removed half of the life points, Godrick will engage the dragon's head instead of the arm. This is the right time to summon your spirits and distract him so that you can slaughter him in comfort. To the attacks of him will add only the dragon blazes that you can dodge by simply rolling with the right timing. But be careful not to get swallowed by the dragon's jaws because they could reset your life points.

If you have no spirits to summon in this second phase (bad!), The tactic seen in the first phase is valid. You will only have to pay more attention to fiery attacks.

ADDITIONAL TIPS: Also in this case the evocation of the Spirits will be fundamental to win and the best are always those who summon numerous opponents. If you want you can also convince Nepheli Loux, the fighter near the grace point before Godrick to help you in the enterprise, after which you can summon her before entering the fight.

REWARD: 20.000 Runes, Major Rune, Remembrance of the Grafted.

Red Wolf of Radagon

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WHERE: Liurnia, Academy of Raya Lucaria. Closest Place of Grace: Classroom.

STRATEGIA: A boss that is not mandatory to end the game (if you want to skip the whole Raya Lucaria part), but we advise you to face it, as well as the next one, to unlock the skill respec. It is very simple to break down. It is a wolf who uses a magic sword with his mouth. Sword attacks are all easily dodged, so you will have no problem dodging them. He also performs a jump but as usual just roll towards the enemy to avoid it. The real attack you need to watch out for is when summons magical blue swords. If he catches you with a flurry of those he could take you out. Also in this case dodging is the most effective technique. Hit him from behind or from the sides because from the front it bites. Use when possible, especially after the jump attack or a combo, the charged attack so as to inflict great damage on them. If you follow these few tips you can take it down with just one try.

ADDITIONAL TIPS: Use the spirits from the beginning of the fight (better if boosted with a +3). Fanged demons are perfect. Also if you have an amulet or a balm to enhance the charged attack, use it, you could inflict very high damage on the wolf.

REWARD: 14.000 runes, Stone of Remembrance.

Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon

ELDEN RING ..._ 20220228005855

WHERE: Liurnia, Academy of Raya Lucaria. Closest place of grace: Debate room.

STRATEGIA: Another boss that you can skip if you want to run to the end of the game and skip Raya Lucaria but we have added him among the main ones because it is very important for what he drops. This confrontation is divided into two parts. The first is very simple: hit the students on the ground who emanate a golden light. They are the ones who levitate Rennala and protect her in her golden bubble. After hitting some Rennalla she will fall and you can fill her with blows (better if heavy physical attacks). Don't be greedy and when you see that she is lighting up to float back roll away to avoid the area blast. Repeated the procedure 3-4 times, the second part of the battle will begin, which is more demanding. On top of that, if you have a character who attacks with magic, it will be a pretty tough fight because Rennala takes very little magic damage.

At the start of the second fight you will come attacked by a light cannon which you can avoid simply by walking around the boss. Rennala will attack you continuously with beams of magical light, all attacks that you can avoid by dodging and, between one attack and another, you can also hit her with some blows. Arrived with HP at 75% it will summon Spirits, do it too if you have not already done so and try not to pay attention to them. In fact, Rennala's summons are empty and after taking a few blows they will disappear by themselves. Your target is you and you alone. So take advantage of every opportunity to hit it, perhaps with a loaded jump attack and you will see that you will soon have the upper hand.

ADDITIONAL TIPS: Use the spirits only in the second phase. In the first phase, it is useless to hit students without a golden aura. Dodge them, especially the ones with the candlestick who will spit fire at you.

REWARD: 40.000 runes, Greater Rune of the Unborn, Remembrance of Rennala, Ability to reassign experience points by talking to Rennala who will appear as an NPC in the large library of Raya Lucaria.

Radahn, the Celestial Scourge

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WHERE: Caelid, Mantorosso Castle. To deal with it you will have to activate the festival, see here to know how to do it.

STRATEGIA: Radahn is one of the most powerful bosses in the game. We therefore advise you to deal with it with a level no less than 80-90 if you want to go easy. He is also one of those bosses, like many highs in Elden Ring, who put a lot of trouble on players who bet everything on close combat, while a wizard or character who can do heavy damage from a distance has a better advantage.

This fight takes place over a large area in which you will be able to use Torrente. Initially Radahn will throw huge arrows at you that are very precise and difficult to avoid. Roll towards them to increase your chance of dodging them or accelerate to the last using Torrent. You can parry with the shield to limit the damage but the magic ones will pass anyway so it's useless. Once you get close to the boss, he will stop shooting arrows and you can hit him. for this first phase it is necessary to hit hard because Radahn will not spare himself, trust me. Use bleeding weapons like the Zanna del Limiere or l'Uchigatana, which you can get by completing Yura's quest.

In the second phase of the fight, in addition to its basic attacks, all avoidable thanks to Torrente, it will add a new attack in which it will disappear in the sky and then crash to the ground like a meteor. Avoiding this attack will be vital as it could kill you in one fell swoop no matter what life you have. The rest is simply a matter of resisting and hitting hard. We advise you not to do not use too heavy or slow weapons and if you don't feel safe, fold several times with Torrente using the hit and run tactic of a single attack and then escape. Having a high dexterity will also help you not to fall from the Torrent despite the strong blows taken.

ADDITIONAL TIPS: In addition to the basic ashes in every fight, in this battle you will be able to summon (using the summoning symbols scattered around the battlefield) all the characters you met outside the festival square. Doing so will be crucial as it will distract Radahn from you and give you time to hit him with charged attacks. Also characters like Blaidd and Alexander will give you a big hand in the fight. Don't worry if they die, nothing will change for the side quests.

REWARD: 70.000 runes, Radahn's Major Rune, Remembrance of the Celestial Scourge, chance to descend to Nokron the Eternal City.

Godfrey, the first ancestral lord

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WHERE: Leyndell the Capital. Look here to find out how to get there.

STRATEGIA: This is the mid-boss of the capital. It's not hard to break down but he is very aggressive and uses heavy and destructive ax attacks. More is able to use a skill that stuns your character. In fact, when he is about to stamp his foot on the ground, it is better to roll out of his range of action or you will be stuck for a second, the time it takes for him to finish you with the ax. You can also jump to avoid the attack.

If you attack from a distance eye that the arena is quite small and Godfrey is capable of big jumps that can catch up with you instantly. As said he is a boss who will not give you problems, the reduced version of Hoarah Loux.

ADDITIONAL TIPS: If you have the Reflected Tear it will be almost a walk to take it down as you can let it concentrate on your copy and then treacherously attack it.

REWARD: 80.000 rune, Borsa Talismano (Slot Talismani +1).

Morgott, re re presagio

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WHERE: Leyndell the Capital. Look here to find out how to get there.

STRATEGIA: When you meet him you will remember him with terror, In fact, Morgott is an old acquaintance of the plot that you have already faced in the past but in a lighter version. His attacks now do more damage and his range is even wider. You can parry, but as always, we advise you to dodge because it deals sacred damage that you cannot avoid with the shield.

In addition to his physical attacks his most devastating ability is the rain of swords. As soon as you see them appear above the boss, roll away and get into a sheltered spot. In fact, the swords do not fall randomly but follow a cross trajectory, just get out of the trajectory to be safe. Wait for the rain to stop before attacking again (lasts a while). Try to inflict scarlet rot with throwing vessels or special weapons it could be a good tactic and even if you are good with the parry you may be able to take down Morgott's first phase in no time.

In the second phase, he increases his weapon range and damage dealt even more. The moveset will remain unchanged or almost unchanged. Attempt to attack him from behind and when he is distracted by the summoned characters. Just be careful when he pulls out the hammer as he could hit the adjacent area with a circular attack that will knock you to the ground.

ADDITIONAL TIPS: Before the battle, you can use a summoning sign on the right to get Melina to help you. Furthermore, the ash of the reflected tear will be a godsend. In practice with Melina it will be like facing him in 3.

REWARD: 120.000 runes, Morgott's Major Rune, Remembrance of the Omen King.

Giant of fire

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WHERE: Peaks of the Giants near the Forge. Look here to find out how to get there.

STRATEGIA: The final boss of the Giant Peaks, an enemy more annoying than difficult. It is a real giant that you can defeat mainly in two ways:

Slow but safe method - If you don't feel like entering the fight just stay away up Torrente, arm yourself with a good bow maybe upgraded and riddling him with arrows comfortably from a distance until he dies (applies to both phases).

Fast method - Inflict bleeding and hit him in the foot, even while riding Torrente. Like all giants, in fact, when he receives a certain amount of damage, he will suffer by freezing for a few seconds and bringing a hand to his ankle. For the second phase, instead, it is better to focus on a bow or a weapon with a skill capable of striking from a distance since the giant's weak point will be on his chest.

For both phases, the hit and run technique with torrent is also valid. The only attacks that you absolutely must avoid are the sweep with shield, capable of throwing you off your horse and the eruption of magma and flames of the second phase. To avoid both, just stay away.

ADDITIONAL TIPS: As soon as you enter the arena if you have advanced in Alexander's quest you will be able to summon him and he will be very useful in the fight. Likewise, the Relentless Tear is always a phenomenal advantage in any battle.

REWARD: 180.000 runes, Remembrance of the Fire Giant, access to the Giant's Forge.

Duo Sacriderma

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WHEREFarum Azula, Tempio del Drago.

STRATEGIA: He is one of the most annoying bosses in the game and toughest in the game. First of all he is not a single boss, but they are two. If you have thoroughly explored every nook and cranny of the Interregnum before arriving here, you will surely have encountered various types of Sacrederm. Here you will have to fight together the enhanced version of the tall one found in the Village of the Mills in Altus and the fat version found in the Prison City under Villa Vulcano. They are fast and lethal. And as if that weren't enough dead one the other can recall it in combat. Fortunately, the life points remain the same so you just have to hold on and keep hitting.

The recommended level to take them down in peace is at least 100. They will throw fireballs at you that are easily avoidable, but are capable of devastating AoE attacks so when you see them charging a shot with black fire, stay away from them. The big one will also be able to roll by crushing everything what's around. Use the columns to hide (as long as they hold) and avoid dodging the devastating lunges always of the big member of the duo, it is much faster than it seems. In this fight the Zanna del Limiere +10 it will prove particularly fundamental thanks to its special attack capable of inflicting high damage to the boss, especially if you have the legendary talisman to enhance special attacks.

The tall member of the two is less lethal, but it is able to stretch and hitting you also seems to be out of his reach so watch out for his attacks too.

ADDITIONAL TIPS: We recommend using the tears reflected at +10 and to complete the missions of Villa Vulcano so you can summon Bernhal in battle against them. He will really provide you a great help and together with the tear you will face them in 3.

REWARD: 170.000 runes, Miner's Ashen Orb [4] (guide to find the others here), War Ash: Black Flame Tornado.

Maliketh, la lama nera

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WHERE: Farum Azula, final boss of the place.

IMPORTANT: Before facing this boss we strongly advise you to complete the missions of Villa Vulcano, especially that of Bernhal and then to fight him before Maliketh. To do this, instead of climbing the stairs leading to Maliketh go down them. Enter the door, take the ladder and you will be invaded by Bernhal. In addition to getting the Legendary Weapon, Scepter of the Devourer, and the Beast Champion Armor Set, you'll also get the Key Item Blasphemous claw which will be very useful in the second phase of the fight with Maliketh.

STRATEGIA: The first part of the fight is very simple, if you summon the tear or any other spirit Maliketh will be so busy with them that you can hit him with all your paraphernalia without any problems. In this case, bleeding will be key, so weapons like Reduvia, Zanna del Limiere, Rivers of blood but also the Veiled Moon and his charged slash could prove crucial. The only things you need to avoid are the stones he throws at you (but there are giant indestructible columns to hide behind) and the claw blows in the ground that break your posture.

In the second phase of the fight Maliketh will become much more lethal. Whether or not she catches you with a combo you're done or nearly done depends on your HP. However, you can use theBlasphemous claw. This object will in fact interrupt the attacks of the black blade allowing you to stun the boss for a few seconds. It is used just like any other item, just equip it and use it nearby when the enemy sword glows yellow. It will work just like a perfect parry and you can hit it dead.

If you don't have the claw, study its attachments and when you swing back to him and hit him while he is hurling his sword to the ground. The hits should be enough to stun him again and finish him once and for all.

ADDITIONAL TIPS: As usual, we recommend Reflected Tears and the use of the Blasphemous Claw.

REWARD: 220.000 runes, Remembrance of the Black Blade.

Hoarah Loux, the warrior

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WHERE: Leyndell Ashen Capital, final boss of the place you find by reaching the Ancestral Throne again.

STRATEGIA: Hoarah Loux has tremendous strength but his attacks are really slow and easily avoidable, at least in the first phase. As usual have weapons that cause the bleeding it is recommended because they are able to stun bosses and take away large amounts of life points.

When he jumps up, roll towards him, turn the camera and you will see him land and you can hit him comfortably from behind. One of the attacks he will do the most will be the ram. This generates a shock wave in front of him capable of sending you to the carpet. It is easily avoided by both jumping and rolling to the left. Either way, you can land a slash after avoiding it. Never exaggerate with hits, you can dodge one otherwise it will hit you.

Even ax slashes are simply avoided rolling around him (always to the left) with some timing. It is really slow to fight, so you won't have much difficulty. When load the superpestone you can also hit him with a skill or with a loaded shot of your weapon, the important thing is to be ready to dodge backwards when he then crashes his foot to the ground. It is not important to get out of the crash zone, the important thing is to dodge at the right time.

When you reach the middle of your life points, the second phase will start and things will get more challenging. If you have not already done so, summon your trusty reflected tear and prepare yourself why the enemy will be able to take you with wrestling holds capable of killing you with one shot if you don't have enough life points (we recommend 40 to be on the safe side).

The best time to hit him in this second phase, however, is after the grapples, in fact, it will stay still for about a second when they go empty and you can hit it. A blow as always, no more. Otherwise the attacks will be similar to before but Hoarah will deliver more extended and consecutive stompers, which can be avoided by jumping in place and a giant stomp that cracks the ground. In this case, get out of the crepe quickly if you don't want to blow up.

ADDITIONAL TIPS: As an alternative to Tear Relief you can also use Tiche dei Neri Knives.

REWARD: 300.000 runes, Remembrance of Hoarah Loux.

Radagon of the Golden Order and Ancestral Beast

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WHERE: In the Ancestral Tree at the end of the game.

STRATEGIA: This is of course the final boss of the game, a double boss who therefore has two vital bars to swallow in full.

Let's start with Radagon (if you want you can already summon your spirit at the beginning of the fight but doing so the Ancestral Beast will surely kill him before the end). Radagon has very few attacks, all avoidable by dodging, parrying is not an option.

The best time to attack that's when he does the combo of 5 hammer blows, 2 slashes, little pause, 2 slashes, another little pause and then throws the hammer to the ground. Always avoid rolling to the left, after he throws the hammer it is time to deliver a blow.

If you have the +10 Fang Fang, remember that the fang's ability is phenomenal to make him drop life points and at the same time get away from him fast enough not to be hit back.

Everything you see golden on the ground must of course be avoided because it will surely explode and do you a lot, very badly. These attacks can also be avoided by rolling, the arena is wide but has no edges so be careful not to end up below. When you charge your hand into a golden flame, be ready to jump and when you throw it to the ground then attack it with a slash.

When he loads the golden hammer into the air, keep a distance of about 5 paces from him keep him aimed and when he throws him the ground avoid with a side step to the left. He will throw it three times, then you can get close and hit him because he will stay still for almost 3 seconds.

Naturally slaughtering him from the back is always the best option but for this you will necessarily need the spirit to distract him. The bleeding and jump attacks however, they are able to break his posture for at least a couple of times, leaving him exposed to your blows.

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Once eliminated it will be the turn of the Ancestral Beast, true form of the Elden Ring and one of the ugliest bosses in the game. It is not a difficult enemy to take down but only extremely annoying because it moves around the arena forcing you to chase it and hitting you with ranged attacks.

When it flies high you will see golden circles appear in the ground all you have to do is jump (as if you were to jump out of a fence). Do it 3 times in a row avoiding all the circles and therefore his attack.

When he slashes his huge sword, you count about 3 seconds from the moment he holds it up and then dodge forward to avoid his attack. Meanwhile, run towards him so that you are close enough to fill him with shots.

It will also spit some yellow fire capable of doing great damage but you can easily avoid it by going behind his back and continuing to strike. Jump attacks, especially if charged, will hurt him a lot so use them as often as you can.

The attack with the search light rays is very annoying and will often hit you with that forcing you to heal yourself.. Try to always have the maximum life points so as not to get caught. When you finally take him into the last quarter of his life, the boss will fill some areas with a "stellar gas" get out of the gas immediately to avoid blowing up. When instead it creates a black hole that sucks you in roll as far as possible to avoid massive damage.

If you are a wizard you will find it a little harder why the enemy also has a high magical defense but with the same strategy and good spells as the Ruin stars you should be able to take it down. The Comet of Azur is powerful but not recommended for this fight because the boss is difficult to hit and the cast time for the spell is too high.

ADDITIONAL TIPS: Tyche or the Relief Tear +10 are fundamental spirits in this fight, if you can summon them towards the end of Radagon or directly in the second fight. Also use Godrick's Rune to boost all your stats.

REWARD: 500.000 runes, Remembrance of the Ancestral Beast.

Ancestry of Leonine

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WHERE: Tomb of the Wailing Peninsula (Morne Castle). Nearest Place of Grace: Near the Bulwark Jail.

STRATEGIA: One of the simplest bosses (and trophies / achievements) in the game. It is a creature with the appearance of a humanoid lion that it will attack you very quickly with claws and his sword. But dodging is really simple and the enemy attack pattern is ridiculous. Just observe it for a few seconds to understand everything. So stay always ready to dodge and keep close to him so as to avoid the charges. Furthermore, at the end of each combo you will have a window of about a second and a half to hurt him. You will see that with a few attempts it will go down smoothly.

ADDITIONAL TIPS: Spirits are a must, but in this case they will be of little use as the Spawn is very fast and can take them out quickly. In the castle of Morne however you can find one broadsword called Claymore. This succeeds interrupt some attacks of the Seed and it's your trump card against this boss.

REWARD: 9.000 EXP Points, Legendary Weapon - Grafted Blade Greatsword (Requires 40 Strength).

Drago di magma Makar

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WHERE: Liurnia, far north. Go up into the mine from the northernmost river. Closest Place of Grace: View of the Ruins precipice.

STRATEGIA: A very impressive dragon, but it does not fly and can be killed easily. It is in fact a really slow enemy and that you can defeat without problems if you can always keep you behind him. You will deal less damage from the shoulders, it is true, but you can easily avoid all of his attacks that are frontal. The only attack you need to watch out for and that you can dodge, however, is the reverse with the sword. When he does it he turns abruptly and hits all around with his big sword.

If you summon both the helper from outside and the spirits immediately at the beginning of the fight, you can really put him out of action because in order to chase everyone he will end up running from one side of the arena to the other. spitting magma without being able to do anything else. If you have any ashes of war to apply to your weapon do it and hit the enemy from behind with a barrage of shots caused by the ashes, preferably chained. Distracted by the other fighters, you will also be able to give him 10 hits in a row, knocking down almost half of his life points in an attack tranche.

ADDITIONAL TIPS: Get help from your partner Great Horned Tragoth summoning it before entering and exploiting the ashes to also summon the spirits. Do everything as soon as the fight begins so as to send the dragon into confusion.

REWARD: 19.000 runes, Sword - Magma Dragon Blade Scale, Dragon Heart.

Royal Guard Loretta

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WHERE: Final boss of the Cariano Manor in the far north of Liurnia, on the west coast of the lake.

STRATEGIA: Arrived in the large area with a circular pool and numerous chairs around it, go to the center of the pool to make Loretta appear. This is a fairly fast mounted enemy capable of hitting you with both magic and charged attacks. Despite looking like a ghost it does not have great resistance against physical damage and if you have good strength attributes you can take it down with a dozen well-aimed blows. The best time to attack is always after an attack. When it runs towards you ready to mow you dodge and then roll towards her sinking with a couple of hits or by hitting with a charged attack.

Dodging magic attacks and arrows of light is an important prerogative because if he catches you with a volley of shots you are practically dead. You can use the spirits to distract her and as usual the double or triple ones are the best.

ADDITIONAL TIPS: Use the spirits from the beginning of the fight, the better Ashes of puppet soldiers that strike from afar and fill it with arrows. You can find them at Raya Lucaria.

REWARD: 10.000 runes, Enchantment: Arc of Loretta, Ash: Slash of Loretta.

Draconid soldier of Nokstella

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WHERE: Optional boss that can be found at the Ainsel River. The following map shows the way to reach it.

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STRATEGIA: It is a really easy boss to take down that we recommend you face at the end of the game, since it does not disturb anyone, does not prevent the continuation of any quest and is located in an isolated area. It is a giant knight who crawls thereand whose movements are reminiscent of those of the magma dragon Makar. Hitting it from behind is the best method to take it down, if you have the tear reflected at +10 with you you will really destroy it without any problem.

The only thing you need to watch out for are the flying attacks and capable of causing frostbite of the second phase. But already from level 60-70 you can take it down without effort.

ADDITIONAL TIPS: The heavy attacks of heavy weapons they are the best way to take it down as it is very resistant to altered statuses.

REWARD: 12.000 runes, Enchantment - Frozen Shock Spear, plus you can access the chest behind him with a large Spectral Convallaria inside.

Lord Draconico Placidusax

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WHERE: Optional boss who can be found at Farum Azula. From the place of grace "Proximity of the Granponte" go down with the elevator and go down the stairs on the left. Go straight past the enemy then turn the first arch on the right and immediately go left to get out into the open. Go past the trees and reach the edge of the rocky ridge in front of you. Look below to see a platform to get off on. Do this and then jump from platform to platform until you reach the large chunk of building facing the storm. The “Lie down” option will appear in the center of this piece of building. Do this and you can reach the boss.

STRATEGIA: The strategy for taking down this enemy is identical to that of all high dragons, only this is the most powerful dragon in the game. The bleeding, as always, it is one of the best penalties to inflict on the boss even if Placidusax has a high defense against it. Initially run towards him and avoid the red lightning bolts on the ground, just run left and right. Once there, hit him first in one arm and then when lightning strikes in the other using jump attacks.

Move away to avoid the fingernails, lethal in some cases, and repeat. Or and you are good enough you can also try to dodge them. Your arms and hips are where you need to focus and hit. The dragon is slow but will sometimes move and start firing lightning bolts again.

Once you have removed almost half of the life points, it will fly into the sky and disappear. Keep an eye on the situation because it will reappear flinging himself abruptly from above with a lethal claw. In the sense that he will kill you if you don't dodge. To do this, just roll towards him.

In the second stage it will become faster and it will add to the attacks too flames yellow from the two mouths (which you can dodge from a distance or by standing behind him) and columns of lightning capable of causing great damage. All you have to do is hold on and continue hitting your arms and side as explained, being careful to avoid flying attacks.

ADDITIONAL TIPS: Clearly use Reflected Tear +10 and Godrick's Rune to boost all stats.

REWARD: 280.000 runes, Remembrance of the Draconic Lord.

Malenia, Spada di Miquella

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WHERE: Elphael's final boss, support of the Holy Tree. Here's how to get to this secret area.

STRATEGIA: Malenia is one of the most powerful and annoying bosses in FromSoftware history. This is mainly for 3 reasons:

  • It's damn fast;
  • Her katana has a great range as well as her attacks;
  • When it hits you it recovers life;

These 3 features and a great character design really make her one of the coolest bosses ever, even if you'll have to sweat seven shirts to beat her. Now we reveal how to do it without having to resort to absurd spells, skill respecs, glitches, bugs, cheese or weapons that have now debuffed and are useless. first of all, unless you are a monster of skill capable of dodging anything, forget about beating Malenia if you are not at least level 130 (better 140 if you want to go quiet).

Then arm yourself with Ashes of Relief Tear increased to +10and Limiere's Fang always upgraded to +10,Radahn's armor that you can obtain from Enia the Legitimacy of the Table once you have defeated Radahn and at least 10 vital ampoules. Now the recommended parameters to break it down are the following: at least 40 points in life, 30 points in strength, 35 points in strength and 40 points in dexterity. Then make sure you have medallions that lengthen both life and toughness, as well as medallions that increase defenses (medallion side play as you like depending on where you are in the game and what you have collected).

Once this is done equip the Godrick's rune which increases all stats, Limiere's Fang, armor, ampoules, runic lightning bolts to activate the rune and the reflected tear. Enter the battle, activate the rune, recall the tear and then use an ampoule to recover the lost life points.

Wait for the tear to attack first and then back it up with normal attacks. Uncharged, no skills, just normal attacks, you will see that you can stun her often. Thanks to the combo with her tear you will also inflict bleeding after a few hits and Malenia will show her side. Never stop sticking it and just fold it back for a few seconds and let the temper recharge. Fold back even if you see her jump high, in this case she is about to hit you with a big combo of swipes capable of knocking you out while she regains her whole life. By continuing with a little practice you will be able to pass the first phase without effort. Your goal in the first phase, however, is to keep the Reflected Tear as alive as possible.

All the photos of the complete guide of Elden Ring

In the second phase Malenia is even more lethal because inflicts scarlet rot. Make sure you have a high resistance against this malus and maybe even boluses to cure it. At the beginning of the second phase she will crash to the ground. Roll away far away and don't get hit by the attack otherwise once you land it will explode, killing you for sure. The shock wave after impact is very complex to avoid, don't worry if you get hit by that. Fold back, heal, wait for the tear to attack first and hit it as seen in step one. NEVER throw yourself at her when she is in the rotting flower or rot will corrode you.

If you aren't quick enough (and it probably will) Malenia will kill your Reflected Tear. Don't despair, by now you know her attacks and your fang can still stun her, you just have to attack her after the combos or after it lands with the flower (and the rot has disappeared). If you are not sure, give only one blow and then fold back, if you are left alone you will have to keep yourself with as much temper as possible.

ADDITIONAL TIPS: If you prefer the doppie katane they are great against Malenia because they are fast and able to inflict a high level of damage in a few attacks. Better not to face it with too heavy weapons and always keep a medium load. Dexterity and stamina are the key to winning this fight.

REWARD: 480.000 runes, Malenia's Major Rune, Goddess of Rotting Remembrance, Malenia's Armor Set from Enia the Legit.

Rykard, Lord of Blasphemy

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WHERE: He is a Major Rune bearer but is hidden underneath Villa Vulcano. You can reach him in two different ways: by facing the dungeon under Villa Vulcano until you reach the teleportation on the terrace that takes you to him or (recommended method) by completing Lady Tanith's missions. For both methods you will find everything in our Guide to Villa Vulcano.

STRATEGIA: Rykard is a tremendously tough boss if you don't use the recommended weapon to take him down Lance Killerspenti mentioned by the ghost that you find at night in the corridor of the Villa. The spear can be found directly at the entrance of the bossfight with Rikard, immediately after the yellow wall of the boss just collect it from the corpse on the left. It is a weapon that scales on Strength and Dexterity and is truly the best for dealing with this fight. Even without having to strengthen it in fact in the fight against Rykard the weapon will be able to stretch out of proportion by hitting the enemy from a distance.

If you don't have a high level of dexterity or strength we recommend that you do a respec from Rennala for this boss only because taking it down with this Lancia is really child's play.

The battle is divided into two phases, in the first the giant serpent god will attack you with his head from a pool of lava and rarely move. You will just have to take the right time and avoid its attacks by rolling, especially the one that swallows you. They are slow so you will easily avoid them. For the rest continue to attack with the basic attack of the spear that will hit it from a distance and maybe use the Rune of Godrick to maximize your statistics. In no time the snake will go down and you can go to phase two.

This second phase is also very simple, just attack continuously with the heavy attack of the spear and you'll stun the boss in just a few hits. you will also block his attacks making the fight a real walk.

ADDITIONAL TIPS: If you use the Reflected Tear, two of you will adopt the Spear strategy and the boss will have no way out.

REWARD: 100.000 runes, Rykard's Major Rune, Remembrance of the Blasphemer.

Mohg, Lord of Blood

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WHERE: Mohgwyn Family Mausoleum, this is one of the secret areas of the game. You can reach it from a teleport protected by an invading NPC to the east in the Lands of the Holy Tree Miquella or (recommended route) by completing the Varré quest. You will then have to go through the area and reach the temple at the top to fight it.

STRATEGIA: This boss's attacks are all slow and easily dodged but he turns out to be a strong enough enemy because he inflicts bleeding and his attacks all take advantage of blood magic. Also, the beam of his explosions is quite large and capable of dealing a lot of damage. Between one attack and another, however, you should be able to safely inflict a blow and retreat without being hit as a result.

It is quite weak against rot, so using rot-soaked weapons or pots against it could be a good tactic to take away several life points. At some point in the fight it will inflict inevitable marks on you. Be careful because as soon as you are three you will be bleeding three times. If you don't have enough life points, you will die. So when he starts to raise the trident upwards, start drinking from the flask as if there is no tomorrow.

When half HP is removed, his wings will grow and his weapon will also inflict fire damage. Always keep him aimed to see where he flies and above all to understand how to dodge swoop attacks. Parrying is practically useless as the fire damage passes over the shield. He will also hit you with a red rain that causes bleeding. Clearly try to dodge it and remember that the best time to inflict a hit or two on it is when it lands.

ADDITIONAL TIPS: There is a way to avoid Mohg's curse at least once or use a particular tear that you can mix in your conditioner. This tear is just to heal you from the curse of Mohg's blood. You will get it by taking out the Invader NPC Eleonora to the second Marika church between Sepolcride and Caelid. In this way when he raises the trident 3 times you will not do anything and you can fill it with shots. Furthermore, as always, we recommend the use of Reflected Tears + 10.

REWARD: 420.000 runes, Mohg's Major Rune, Remembrance of the Bloodlord.

Mohg, the Omen

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WHERE: In the Forgotten Abyss below Leyndell and just before entering the secret Frenzy Flame Proscription area (see Hyetta's quest to find the passage to this area).

STRATEGIA: It's about a smaller and less powerful version of Mohg, Lord of Blood. It's like going through a long first phase of Mohg, Lord of Blood without taking bleed damage (but fire yes). Look at Mohg, Lord of the blood above to know how to deal with him.

ADDITIONAL TIPS: Inflict rot and use +10 Reflected Tear.

REWARD: 120.000 runes, Enchantment - Talons of the Blood Flame.

Necrodrago Fortissax

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WHERE: This boss is found in the depths of the Abyss Between the Roots, a secret area that can be reached by completing the Fia quest before activating the Forge of the Giants. To fight it you will have to enter the dream of death. Follow the linked Fia mission to find out how.

STRATEGIA: The strategy is similar to that of any other dragon seen in the game therefore all the advice like hitting the hind legs and the tips of the wings are valid; be careful when he takes off and when he spits flames on the battlefield; unleash skills and spells when he's distracted by your summoned spirit.

In particular, however, Fortissax is able to inflict powerful elemental attacks of lightning type, so if you can equip a talisman or use an object to increase your defense to this element. Inflict bleeding it's always a great strategy, especially with this dragon. This means that using the Zanna del Limiere with 10 hits you should be able to inflict it safely taking away a large portion of life points (you will need less if you use the Reflected Tear always equipped with the Fang).

While for the first phase you will have to try to stay between his paws avoiding some sweeping attacks, once you have brought the enemy's HP below 50% a phase two will begin in which the dragon will roar creating a kind of black hole that sucks you in. Escape as far as possible because it will explode causing a lot of damage.

ADDITIONAL TIPS: Use the Reflected Tear equipped with a weapon that causes bleeding. Avoid keeping the enemy aimed. As useful as it is with most opponents, with the Necrodrago Fortissax it is something that will only waste you time and confuse you, because the enemy is able to move quickly and keeping the camera fixed on him could lead to death.

REWARD: 90.000 runes, Remembrance of the Necrodragus.

Royal Ancestral Spirit

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WHERE: A Nokron, in the open area above the Siofra River. You will reach this location following Ranni's mission. To find it you will have to light all the braziers in the area and then interact with the deer bones in the temple. Below is a map to find all 6 braziers and access the battle.

All the photos of the complete guide of Elden Ring

STRATEGIA: It's about one of the simplest secret bosses to take down in the game. The combat arena is boundless and avoiding its attacks will be really easy if you attack with spells and ranged weapons. If, on the other hand, you are into close combat, always stay below him and attack him continuously. His attacks are simple paws that you can avoid by rolling around him. Be careful of the charge though capable of taking away over 600 life points. This attack will only be performed after the spirit has less than 75% health e only after he has healed twice. In fact, in the last quarter of her life she will begin to shine and then heal herself.

ADDITIONAL TIPS: Use the Reflected Tear to quickly end the fight. If you are wizards bring at least 6 blue ampoules, you will need them since the boss with the heals really regains a lot of life points.

REWARD: 24.000 runes, Remembrance of the royal ancestor.

Ancestral Spirit

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WHERE: In Siofra River, reachable from the lift a Tetrobosco a Sepulchrid. Also in this case you will need to light the braziers and then interact with the corpse of the deer and enter the fight. Here is the map with all the braziers to light to fight him.

All the photos of the complete guide of Elden Ring

STRATEGIA: This is the abridged version of the previous Royal Ancestral Spirit. Only this boss doesn't even have the "second phase" and is unable to heal himself. Basically he is the simplest boss in the game.

ADDITIONAL TIPS: The Reflected Tear could defeat him alone.

REWARD: 13.000 runes, Ashes of Devotee to ancestral spirits.

Bold Gargoyle

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WHERE: This boss is located atAqueduct of Nokron shortly before descending into the depths of the Abyss between the roots, a secret area that can always be reached by completing the Fia quest. Follow his mission to fight this boss, he is in fact a mandatory boss if you want to complete the Fia storyline.

STRATEGIA: This is not a very challenging fight but it is definitely a long fight. In fact, you will initially have to face only a large Gargoyle armed with a sword and halberd. As soon as his HP drops below 50% a second large Gargoyle will appear armed with a double-bladed spear and a large ax.

Attacks from the former are easily avoided by simply rolling around him. In this first phase of battle you will have to try to burn as many life points as possible of the Gargoyle while saving vital flasks for the "phase 2" of the fight in which the other also appears. Heavy weapons or skills capable of doing great damage are great, especially in combination with your trusty Reflected Tear. If you hurry you may be able to take out the first Gargoyle without the second reaching you.

The second Gargoyle's attacks are smoother, faster, and harder to predict. If you notice that it hits you often avoid dodging and stay away waiting for the right moment to strike, usually after a combo.

As we wrote at the beginning, this is not a difficult boss, also because very similar to the numerous Gargoyles scattered throughout the game, like the one in front of the Ferine Sanctuary of Caelid, but more than anything else it is a question of resisting.

ADDITIONAL TIPS: Bring with you at least 10 vital ampoules (here the guide to golden seeds and that to sacred tears). As a spirit, both the Reflected Tear is fine but also the ashes of the jellyfish could be excellent because they attack from afar and have a good resistance. Also remember to move towards the entrance to the area when you get the first Gargoyle below 50%. The second will appear on the opposite side of the arena and before it reaches you you will be able to finish the first undisturbed.

REWARD: 62.000 total runes, Greatsword of the Gargoyle, Twin Blade of the Gargoyle.

Noble Sacriderm

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WHERE: There are several in the game, but the one you need for the trophy can be found in the Prison City under Villa Vulcano.

STRATEGIA: Read the strategy for the Duo Sacrifice always in this guide. The noble Sacriderma is in fact the fat one of the duo, but the strategy is the same as described above. The difficulty lies in the fact that the arena (il Eglay Temple) is narrower than that of the Duo Sacrum and avoiding the lunges of the Noble Sacrum will be slightly more complex.

ADDITIONAL TIPS: Use the Relief Tear or even i Fanged Demons which are great for stuning him. Inflict bleeding it is then a must to eliminate it quickly.

REWARD: 50.ooo runes, Sword - Flayer of the Sacrederm, War Ash: Noble Presence.

Reflected Tear

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WHERE: A Nokron, continue in the mission of Ranni to find him at the gates of the city.

STRATEGIA: The Reflected Tear is an exact copy of the player entering the arena. With his own armor, his weapon and his attacks. Precisely for this reason you can decide to play fair, challenging yourself, or use one of the following 2 tricks to beat the Relentless Tear.

Being an exact copy of the player, before entering the arena if you remove any weapon from the equipment, the boss will only be able to attack you with his fists. Of course, all you have to do is re-equip your weapon to tear it apart. Remember that it is not enough not to have weapons in hand, you have to remove them from the equipment.

If you want to make it even less effort you can get help from a second player because the Reflected Tear does not transform as soon as you enter the arena but only when you get close to it. At first the enemy will be a lump in the center of the battlefield and if you get close he will transform into you. You can then enter the arena with another player, stay at a distance so that the Relief Tear does not transform and wait for your buddy to finish the work.. Don't worry, he'll be quick because the boss will have the life of any minion.

ADDITIONAL TIPS: In this case you already have everything you need in the above strategy.

REWARD: 10.000 runes, Larva's Tear x2, Mask of the Silver Tear.

Loretta, Knight of the Sacred Tree

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WHERE: A Elphael, one of the optional areas of the game. Here's how to get to this secret area.

STRATEGIA: It's about a enhanced and more aggressive version of the Loretta that you have already faced at the Cariano Manor and whose strategy you can always find in this guide. The tactic to take it down is the same, the only things you need to keep in mind are these:

  • Stay at a distance and be prepared to dodge when you see beams of blue light, he's definitely going to use a stonecutter attack capable of dealing large magic damage;
  • Roll over to her when she sweeps or slash with his weapon. this will serve to avoid her blows and will leave her uncovered for a few seconds;
  • Use the Relief Tear to distract her and be able to hit her from behind with powerful abilities.

ADDITIONAL TIPS: Fanged Demons in addition to Tear or Tyche are excellent spirits for this fight.

REWARD: 200.000 runes, Enchantment - Loretta's Mastery, Loretta's Weapon - War Scythe.

Astel, Spawn of the Void

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WHERE: It is located in a cave beyond the secret area Lagos Putrescent and it's a mandatory boss if you want to continue Ranni's mission.

STRATEGIA: Astel is a boss the size of a dragon that you will have to face in a fairly large arena where he has a habit of moving from one side to the other. At the beginning it will shoot laser beams at you from afar. All avoidable by dodging but very annoying, watch out because I can inflict numerous damage. Wait for phase 2 to summon your spirit of trust and run towards him dodging, even when you see him raise his tail in the air as he is about to knock it down on you.

Once you get close to the enemy aim his head and hit him with jump attacks, will serve to stun some of his attacks as well as break his posture. When he plants his arms in the floor he will hit you with a seismic attack multiple times. To avoid this, just jump in time or roll out of the purple circle of light. The paw it gives you is also simple enough to avoid by rolling to the left, but quickly run away from the star trail it leaves as it could explode.

Absolutely avoid getting caught by the pincers it has on the sides of its mouth, while you will hardly be able to avoid the attack that zeroes gravity and knocks you to the ground (try to always have the maximum life points or it could kill you).

In the second phase (when you reach half life points) it will disappear by moving to the other side of the arena. Start running towards him as soon as will throw meteorites at you and rolling forward and then restart as described in step 1. Astel will be faster and move but more often but this is the time to summon your spirit and leave Astel without escape.

ADDITIONAL TIPS: Use the Godrick's rune to raise your stats and Relief Tear after bringing the enemy below 50% life total.

REWARD: 80.000 runes, Remembrance of the Spawn.

Elemer del Rovo

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WHERE: Elemer is the boss of Castellombroso. This is the rock you see on the map northwest of Altus right on the border with He doesn't come and inside a green and poisonous lake. You will find it at the top of the castle.

STRATEGIA: Elemer is not too difficult a boss to take down. He has the same movements as any knight and when you enter the arena, if you sneak up on it, you can also hit it with a nice special attack which, if you have the Fool's Fang, means taking away almost a quarter of its energy. The boss, however, is armed with the Executioner sword of Marais, a weapon capable of reaching you even from a distance and deal a lot of damage if you don't learn to dodge it.

Moreover the arena is very small, being the room of a castle, and Elemer can reach you virtually anywhere. You will therefore have to be skilled at dodging, the best defense you can implement against this boss. Like any human enemy, Elemer is vulnerable to bleeding and if you confront him with the Reflected Tear you will take him out quickly.

ADDITIONAL TIPS: The Fanged Demons also work well against him, thanks to their stun generating attacks and magical bombs they throw.

REWARD: 24.000 runes, Executioner's sword of Marais (one of the legendary weapons of Elden Ring), Shield of the Bramble.

Commander Niall

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WHERE: Niall is the boss of Castel Sol, the northernmost manor on the Peaks of the Giants. To quickly cross the castle, enter and go left, go up the stairs, pass the walls and continue towards the church. From there exit, activate the elevator to be able to go up quickly in case of defeat and go up the stairs to face Niall.

STRATEGIA: This is the more powerful version of the boss you defeated in the center of the Aeonia Swamp in Caelid (part of the Millicent quest). Like the previous Elemer Niall is weak against bleeding and has the same moves as any knight with a spear, only his hurts much more. His attacks, however, are slow and easy to avoid as long as you leave him without companions.

At the start of the fight Niall will summon ghost soldiers just as you summon your spirits. Eliminate them right away to take on Niall without any problems as they could interrupt your combos and get blown away by the boss.

The best time to hit it with powerful ability and the moment of rest after Niall throws himself into a loaded uppercut with his halberd. Instead, avoid being close to him when generates ice swirls or charges its artificial leg with electricity, especially if you are not properly armored.

ADDITIONAL TIPS: Before summoning your spirits, eliminate the ghost soldiers otherwise they will get the better of them and you.

REWARD: 90.000 rune, Veteran's Prosthesis.

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