How to block Live Streaming on Facebook

How to block Live Streaming on Facebook, with this guide we will see how to block notifications on the new Live Streaming service on Facebook in the settings. Facebook Live is a relatively new feature on Facebook that users can use to stream live video on the site. Anyone on Facebook can use the Live application to broadcast live.

The problem with Facebook Live is that notifications are turned on by default, meaning you will be notified of any live streams that Facebook friends are starting to do. If your friends are using the streaming feature for things of little or no interest to you, then you can decide to block Facebook Live notifications.

How to block Live Streaming on Facebook

Fortunately, it's pretty easy to turn off Facebook Live notifications. One of the simpler options for doing this is the following:

  1. Load the page§ion=on_facebook&view on a desktop computer.
  2. Go to Live Video, and select No, none.

So you will no longer receive notifications when someone is making a live stream on Facebook. You can also choose to stop receiving suggestions instead of permanently blocking notifications.

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