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    How to block someone on Instagram

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    So you want to know how to block someone on Instagram, but you don't know how to do it, keep reading the tutorial, it will take a few minutes, we also explain some things to you. Instagram is a great place to spend some time lazing around. Looking at photos, catching up with friends, reading stories, chatting via Instagram Direct, and learning more about this wild world we live in can be a truly wonderful experience.

    The openness and intent to share of the platform are followed by most of the people who use it as a positive experience, making it one of the best social networks. However, this is not always the case, which is why we will show you how to block someone on Instagram.

    While social media can be a tool used to bring people together, there are some accounts you no longer want to interact with. Whether it's someone you don't want to see their posts about anymore, because it's overly negative, the developers of Instagram have added a lot of options for customizing content.

    Instagram has made the process quite simple to block a user account. Depending on the current situation, blocking may not be necessary. There are other options for platform users that are customizable.

    Why block someone on Instagram?

    Blocking someone on Instagram should ideally be a last resort. In many cases, the anger or hurt you feel can be short-term. However, this is by no means true for every interaction. If their behavior is toxic, triggering, inappropriate, or causing psychological harm, you may have no choice. If the account is definitely spam, a bot, or harassment with infinite DMs, you may want to block further communications.

    Since this tutorial is all about blocking on Instagram, we will first go through the basic process of blocking someone on Instagram. Since different operating systems may be slightly different, it is important to follow the instructions in detail. Each new update could change the procedure even slightly.

    How to block someone using the Instagram app

    1. Open the app and go to the harassing user's Instagram profile by tapping the magnifying glass icon (search).
    2. After selecting the appropriate account; select the three-dot menu icon at the top right.
    3. A menu will appear with different options for this user's account, select “Block”.
    4. Confirm the warning by pressing "Block" again.
    5. Select Ignore when the final warning is displayed.

    Check that the app has successfully locked the account as some have reported problems. If necessary, try blocking again if it fails the first time.

    How to unblock someone on Instagram

    If you need to unlock it again, it's just as easy. Blocking may seem permanent, but it's not: you can always unblock someone later. Just repeat the above but select "Unblock" from the menu instead.

    1. Open the app and go to the person's Instagram profile.
    2. Select the three-dot menu icon at the top right.
    3. Select Unblock from the pop-up menu that appears.

    If it's been a while since you blocked the person, you may have a hard time finding them. The person won't appear when you search and their posts have been removed from your feed. So what do you do?

    You have two options, you can access the block list or find a post from a mutual friend that the person you blocked commented on.

    1. Select the three-line menu icon from your Instagram profile.
    2. Select Settings
    3. Select privacy
    4. Select Blocked Accounts.
    5. Select the person from the list and select Unblock


    1. Go to a mutual friend's post the blocked person commented on.
    2. Select their profile and the three-dot menu icon.
    3. Select Unblock as above.

    Perhaps the best option would be to prevent the person from commenting on your photos or videos. If their comments are causing problems, changing the privileges of your comments might be a better option than blocking them altogether. If someone comments on your photos or posts, you can mute them.

    1. Select your profile and select the Settings menu.
    2. Select Privacy, then check comments.
    3. Select Block comments, then select the person.
    4. Select the person you want to silence comments and select Block.

    This doesn't completely block them, but it does prevent them from commenting on your photos or videos. This may be enough to clean up your feed and keep it from bothering you. There are also a variety of comment filter options you may want to explore, including filters that hide offensive comments and a manual filter that lets you hide comments made up of certain words.

    Before blocking someone on Instagram

    Considering alternative means of limiting content, which are available to Instagram users. If you want to stop seeing much of the content posted by your account, you can stop following the account. By choosing the account and tapping the "Following" box you will be able to silence or limit the user and their content.

    Doing this as an alternative to blocking can help you avoid spamming or annoying content. You can reverse this by checking the same box from their account page and return to "follow".

    Limiting an account means you can control a variety of interactions. You will be able to control how many of your followers see offensive user comments on your posts. Limiting an account also moves direct messages to the “Message Requests” folder, which means you won't see them in regular direct messaging files.

    Social media has done a lot to bring people together and give us more ways to express ourselves. Instagram offers users options that allow for a more enjoyable and personalized experience.

    The account owner will NOT be notified that they have been locked out. When you block someone, the user is still able to see your likes and comments on "public" posts.

    Even if the user will not have access to your account via the “Search” option, they will still have the possibility to mention your Instagram name in the posts, you will not be notified of this activity. In some cases, you may want to change your username.

    For those who are part of the groups, you will be asked if you want to leave the group. If you choose to stay in the group, you will continue to see their messages.

    Mutual comments and likes may still appear after blocking a user. You can go to each post and delete the harassing user's activity if necessary.

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