How to fix Telegram messages above

Since you discovered Telegram you can't do without it anymore, can you? The alternative messaging platform to WhatsApp, offers features and services that are difficult to find on other applications of this kind. Supergroups, bots, and self-destructing secret chats, for example, are three features you can't find anywhere else (or almost). And, as often happens in messaging apps, after a while they become difficult to manage: with dozens of conversations and thousands of messages, being able to find what interests you becomes more and more complicated. That's why you've probably asked yourself how to fix Telegram messages above. Searching the web for a while, you ended up on my blog.

In this guide, I'll explain in fact how do you put Telegram conversations on top using iPhone or Android. By doing so, you will always have messages and conversations that interest you most and you will not have to waste time finding them. These are, then, extremely simple operations, which will take you away no more than a few seconds. Ready? Great, let's get started.

How to fix Telegram messages above

Before proceeding a fix Telegram messages at the top, it is the case that warns you about what could happen. Once you have fixed a message at the top or even a chat, it will be much easier for some spy who runs around the house, or for someone who manages to take possession of your smartphone, to be able to read the messages of the chat fixed at the top. It will quickly find out which conversations interest you most.

In short, pay attention to how you use this function. In addition to activating it, in fact, I advise you to configure one password your Telegram. That way, even if someone picks up your phone, they'll have to pass several security levels before they can read your most important messages. Find everything in this guide. Therefore, all you have to do is keep reading.


  • Secure messages
  • Secure chat
  • Password protect Telegram

Secure messages

In case you are administrator of a group or supergroup, you must know that there is very useful feature to fix Telegram messages at the top. This option could help you to report to all participants what are the internal rules of the group or the purposes that prompted you to create it. A sort of FAQ, so to speak.

Among the myriad of messages sent, in fact, you can choose one to be fixed at the top, by way of "statute" of the group. In this way, anyone who accesses the multiple conversation will be able to read the content and will be able to obtain all the necessary information from it.

To pin Telegram messages above, open the group chat that you find yourself managing. Then, locate the message in question and press on it for a few moments. By doing this, a small menu will appear. Press on the option fixed and then choose whether to send one notify all registered users on the action you just took.

Secure chat

At the time of this writing, Telegram messages cannot be pinned up in a single conversation. However, it is possible put the whole chat on top. Moreover, the steps that allow you to do this are very similar to those seen for groups.

Again, you have to press the button for a few moments conversazione that you would always like to keep on top (you have to do it from the chat list). After that, wait for a small menu to appear at the bottom of the screen. As soon as you see it, hit the option Fixed at the top And that's it.

Password protect Telegram

If you decide to fix Telegram messages at the top, as I just advised you, it would be better to also consider the option of put the password to Telegram. As I have already had the opportunity to explain to you, this is a rather simple operation and that can also be useful on other occasions.

block Telegram with password, you could install aapp locker free from Google Play or the App Store. It is an application that blocks access to other applications and to itself (to prevent changes). You could also use it, for example, to put a password on WhatsApp.

Alternatively, you could use the feature Telegram PIN lock. Just enter the Settings, selections Privacy and security and go there you Safety. In that section, choose Lock code and configure the PIN. Also, for added security, from the same path, you could also activate the Two-step verification. By doing this, no one would be able to access your account anymore, not even from your computer (unless authenticated). Therefore, the curious could no longer spy on you secretly.

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