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To express emotions or moods, but also to occasionally wish Christmas, Easter or August XNUMXth, in addition to words and emoticons, sometimes you prefer to use the stickers on Telegram. Just like on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and other messaging apps, Telegram also offers its users the ability to create, add and share stickers. You've probably been intrigued even more since animated stickers are available. So, to investigate the matter, you searched the web how to make stickers on Telegram, coming down here.

In this guide, in fact, I will explain how Telegram stickers work. I will tell you in detail how to use them, how to get new ones and how to customize them. Of course, I'll also show you how to send animated stickers. This will give you a solid foundation to be able to use them in the right way.


  • What are Telegram stickers
    • Structure of the animated Telegram stickers
  • How to get Telegram stickers
  • How to add stickers on Telegram
    • Channels for new Telegram stickers
    • Bot for new Telegram stickers
  • How to send stickers on Telegram
    • iOS
    • Android
    • Telegram Desktop
    • Telegram Web
  • How to make animated stickers on Telegram
  • How to create Telegram stickers
    • Creating a static Telegram sticker
      • Static Telegram sticker image requirements
    • Creating an animated Telegram sticker
      • Animated Telegram sticker image requirements
  • How to transfer stickers from Telegram to WhatsApp
    • Bot to download Telegram stickers
    • Add Telegram stickers on WhatsApp

What are Telegram stickers

- stickers on Telegram they are animated or static images that each user can use via the keyboard in the chat.

You can share stickers in conversations or even add them to photos and videos via the application's built-in media editor.

Unlike emoticons, stickers are much larger and more defined. Furthermore, they are not part of Unicode, which is the standard that regulates the addition of emojis within the virtual keyboards of any operating system.

Structure of the animated Telegram stickers

About the animated stickers of Telegram, these are completely different from GIFs. Although animated sticker packs can be used, it would be silly to compare these moving images to those in GIF format.

The animated stickers of Telegram, in fact, were designed with the format TGS and are based on Lottie. It is a rendering library developed by Airbnb, which allows you to analyze the animations exported in JSON format from After Effects with the Bodymovin plugin, and then render them natively for mobile, for the web and also for the various application frameworks. , such as React Native (the latter developed by Facebook). Further technical documentation can be found on the Airbnb Design website (in English).

Thanks to their structure, Telegram animated stickers consume less battery than GIFs and run at a speed of 60 frames per second. Moreover, they are ultralight, with a size that falls within the range 20-30 kB.

How to get Telegram stickers

You should already have all the requirements to get Telegram sticker packs. In any case, I'll summarize them for you:

  • Telegram account
  • Updated desktop or mobile Telegram app (iOS, Android, macOS, Ubuntu / Linux and Windows)

With the updated application, you will have no problems regarding the compatibility of the sticker packs you are going to install. This is because the new versions of Telegram are always compatible with older stickers. Then there are sticker packs which, at times, only support the latest version of the app.

Therefore, unless you have already done so, I suggest you check that the application is up to date before proceeding. You can do it really easily via the App Store (macOS and iOS), Google Play (Android) or Microsoft Store (Windows 10).

In this way, you will be sure to correctly view all the stickers that your friends will send you through the Telegram chat.

How to add stickers on Telegram

add Telegram stickers, there are three things you can do:

  • Ask your friend for the sticker
  • Look for new sticker sets
  • Search for the sticker in the app or on the web
  • Find the sticker in other chats

The first solution is to ask a contact you know if they have a cute (or curious enough) pack of stickers that you can send us.

Once you have shared one of the stickers that are part of the set in chat, you can install the package in your account simply touching it (from mobile and tablet, iOS or Android) or clicking it (from Windows PC, Ubuntu / Linux or macOS on Telegram Web or Telegram Desktop). Then confirm the operation by choosing "add sticker". You can then use them immediately in any chat or group.

Similarly, you can add a sticker by searching for it in a group, in a chat with a bot, in a broadcast channel, or even in other single conversations. Enter one of the active chats and see if there is any sticker you like. Then, add it as I just suggested.

Alternatively, you might as well join one conversazione, touch the icon of thelabel (next to the text entry field) and use the search sticker. Enter the keyword in the search bar and wait for them to be proposed to you new stickers set. Then, find the one you like and tap Add.

By doing so, however, the stickers you can use will be limited to the ones you find. And since the stickers are potentially infinite, it would be better look for them on the internet. In fact, a simple web search that says “sticker packs for Telegram” would be enough. You would then find several sets of stickers to install.

And if you really don't trust to "fish" sticker sets from the web, you could always use the Search function of Telegram. Thanks to it, looking for example with the key "stickers", you might find groupschannels o muzzle who share new sets of app stickers every day. You will then be able to install them as I suggested a few paragraphs above.

If you don't want to “tempt fate”, you could always keep reading this tutorial. In the next point, you will find the usernames of the most used Telegram channels and bots to add stickers.

Channels for new Telegram stickers

I channels for Telegram stickers most used at the moment are the following:

@stickersChannel @WhatsCall_Stickers @line_stickers @stickergram

You can add them via the Search application.

Bot for new Telegram stickers

At the time of writing, there aren't many bots to get new sticker packs for Telegram. Fortunately, one is saved: StickerBot, whose unsername is @sticker. No, it is by no means the official bot for creating custom stickers. If you are looking for that, go straight to this point.

The bot I just suggested to you, on the other hand, will help you search for new stickers based on an emoji. Once started, just use the @sticker command , where instead of you will have to enter theemoticons related to what you are looking for.

Hundreds of static and animated stickers. To add them to your library, tap them one by one, so that send them in the chat with the bot. Then, tap each of them again and add sticker package they refer to as I suggested earlier.

How to send stickers on Telegram

Let's now move on to the most "succulent" part of the tutorial, that is how to make stickers on Telegram. First, you need to know what the sticker packs are account-based. Therefore, once installed and added to your profile, you can share them from all your devices.

The only thing you need to remember, as I told you before, is the updating of the various applications, including Telegram Desktop. Just to avoid display problems.

Lastly, I must tell you that, as of today, Telegram Web does not support animated stickers. They could be implemented in the short term. However, when you can, I recommend that you use the app for your PC, tablet or smartphone. You will thus have a complete user experience.

That said, let's proceed with the detail of the procedures regarding the sending of stickers on Telegram via the website (for static ones) and through applications for iOS, Android, Ubuntu / Linux, macOS and Windows (for static and animated ones).


To send a Telegram sticker with iPad, iPhone o iPod Touch, first open the application Telegram. Then, enter one conversazione or in one group and open the keyboard, as if I wanted to write a new message.

Now, you can use two sticker sharing methods:

  • Adhesive panel
  • Emoticon

To send a sticker via the sticker panel, tap thelabel that appears next to that of the microphone. After that, choose thesticker you are interested in and publish it with a tap. If you want to find more, use the sticker search function integrated in the panel.

If you want to share a sticker via emoji, open the emoticon keyboard and choose the one that expresses theemozione related to the sticker you would like to send. Therefore, touch her to enter it in the text field. After that, hold your finger on it. This is how the stickers related to that emoji. Just touch one to convert the emoticon into a sticker.

This way, you will never go wrong in expressing what you feel with stickers. Be aware, however, that you may understand what emoji a sticker refers to in another way. It would be enough for you long press on the sticker in the selection phase, so as to view the preview.


Almost identical to iOS, it is possible to send Telegram stickers with Android. First, open the application and go to a chat (single or multiple makes no difference).

Now, you are allowed to share a sticker in two ways:

  • Adhesive panel
  • Emoticon

If you have decided to use the default method, which is the one that uses the panel sticker, proceed by tapping thesmiling label (bottom left in the chat).

All the sticker set most common or the ones you have used recently. Choose thesticker that you like best among those proposed e tap on it to insert it into the chat. Alternatively, search for a new set of stickers, add it and then select the sticker of your interest. The sticker will then be shared in the conversation.

As another choice, you could share an emoji in the text entry field and then convert it into the reference sticker. To do this, it would be enough for you hold your finger on the emoticon. Immediately after performing this action, choose thesticker among those that are proposed to you and then tap it to send it in chat.

Telegram Desktop

Using Telegram Desktop, the procedure for transmitting a sticker in chat is slightly different. First, proceed by opening the desktop app for macOS, Linux, or Windows, which you should have already installed.

When you view the active chats, locate the one in which you want to share the sticker and click it to enter it. Then, touch thesmiley icon which appears at the bottom right, next to the text entry field.

At this point, clicca sulla voce Stickers to enter the tab dedicated to adhesives. Then, select with a click thesticker of your interest by choosing it from the various sticker sets. If you do not find the one of a particular category, you should try to find it by clicking on theicona della lens d'ingrandimento. Or even, you could click on the fire symbol to view and possibly add the featured sticker. Among them, there will also be animated stickers.

If you were wondering, regarding the conversion of emoticons into stickers, it is not possible to do it with Telegram Desktop.

Telegram Web

Means Telegram Web, as I said in the introduction, at the moment it is possible to send only static stickers. If it were enough for you to share these, first connect to the via browser and log in by entering the phone number and confirming it via the app for iOS or Android.

Once entered, you will see the active conversations. Access the one you are interested in and then click on smile that appears to the right of the text entry field. Then, select the tab Stickers. Finally, find thesticker you like and then click it to send it into the conversation.

If you don't like any of the suggested stickers, you should add a set of stickers first. On Telegram Web, you could only do this by clicking on a sticker when viewing it in chat.

How to make animated stickers on Telegram

If by making animated stickers on Telegram you mean send them, you can use the methods I proposed in the previous point. In fact, in terms of options, there is no difference in sharing static or dynamic stickers.

You must also know that, at least for the moment, there are no filters that allow you to divide the static sticker sets from the animated ones. However, given the popularity of the latter, I can tell you that they are often included in the section First floor of the stickers panel (inside the chat).

You may also want to consider i predefined animated sticker packs. These were created by the artists in the design and development stage. You can find them at this address (English text).

However, between the set of most used Telegram animated stickers, there are definitely the following:

  • Hot Cherry
  • Tidy Tie Tom
  • Resistance Dog
  • Melie the Cavy
  • Fred the Pug
  • Office Turkey

Add these packs to your account's sticker library and then try them all. I'm sure it will be difficult to stop.

How to create Telegram stickers

If you can't find the sticker that's right for you and you want to give free rein to your imagination, you could create stickers for Telegram. These are custom packs that can be used by both you and other users.

First, you need to know that this is a more complicated procedure than adding new sets. You don't have to be a computer expert to succeed, God forbid. But for flawless work, you need to have some requirements:

  • Graphic skills
  • Photo editing software
  • A good dose of patience

As regards the programs to use, you could avail yourself GIMP, Photoshop or also Adobe Illustrator. Follow this guide to see where to download them and how to start them.

After familiarizing yourself a bit with the photo editing software, open theTelegram appclose il muzzle with username @stickers (pay attention to the final "s") and start it. This is the official Telegram bot, which allows you to create new sticker packs.

At this point, I suggest you check the command legend available (you can find it in the first chat message). As you can see, there are several operations that can be performed with the bot. So proceed reading the insights as you wish, based on whether you want to create a static or animated sticker set.

Creating a static Telegram sticker

To create a static Telegram sticker, you need to run the / newpack command. You will be asked to give a name to the sticker package. Type it and send it in chat. Then, create thesticker image (find the requirements below) and upload it in the chat (perhaps using Wi-Fi or wired network). Lastly, select theemoticons reference and send it in the conversation when asked.

Repeat for add the other stickers to the package. When you're ready, run the / publish command to publish the sticker set. If you want to add another sticker to your pack in the future, you will need to use the / addsticker command. In case you want to set an icon for your package, you will need to use the / setpackicon command. Instead, if for some reason you want to delete the pack, you will need to run the / delpack command.

Static Telegram sticker image requirements

In order for thestatic type Telegram sticker image displayed correctly, it must comply with the following standard:

  • .PNG format
  • Transparent background
  • Maximum size 512 × 512 px, square or even rectangular
  • At least one side must be 512px
  • White outline
  • Ombre

By meeting all these requirements, the bot will accept the image you generated without any problems.

Creating an animated Telegram sticker

If you wish create a pack of animated Telegram stickers, you must use the / newanimated command. Then type the name you intend to give to the pack and send it in the chat.

At this point, create theanimated image format TGS (technical details can be found below). To do this, you need to use the program Adobe After Effects and the plug-in Bodymovin-TG.

Once your artwork has been developed, you can proceed to his upload in chat with the bot. If this meets the requirements, you will be asked to send theemoji related.

Once this is done, you can repeat the operation for add more animated stickers to your pack. And when you're ready, just run the / publish command to publish the pack. If in the future you decide to delete it, I remind you that the command to run will be / delpack.

Animated Telegram sticker image requirements

- standard related toimage for Telegram animated sticker are the following:

  • .TGS format
  • Square size of the sticker / canva of 512 × 512 pixels
  • Duration of the looped animation equal to or less than 3 seconds
  • Size of each sticker equal to or less than 64 kB
  • All stickers must have the same FPS, so either 30 or 60
  • Icons for sticker sets must be 100 × 100 px in size and cannot exceed 3 seconds of animation

There are also other technicalities regarding the functions of Adobe After Effects that should not be used to animate the sticker. You can consult them at this address of the advanced Telegram FAQ.

How to transfer stickers from Telegram to WhatsApp

If you wanted to download the Telegram stickers then add them to a WhatsApp sticker pack, know that you can, but not with animated stickers (to make it simple). Even in the case of static stickers, however, this is not a very simple procedure. You certainly don't have to learn a programming language, but it's not a walk in the park either.

To proceed, the first thing you need to do is open thedesktop app on Telegram (from Windows PC, Ubuntu / Linux or macOS). Then, you have to click the hamburger menu, to choose Settings and then Chat settings. In that section, under the heading Sticker ed emoji, scegli l'opzione Manage sticker sets.

You will then see all stickers set that you have installed in your Telegram account. Now, click on name of what you want to transfer to WhatsApp.

The images of all the stickers in the package. At this point, click on the option Share stickers to receive the message “Sticker link copied to clipboard”. You will then have memorized theURL address related to that sticker pack. Proceed as follows to download the sticker package with a bot and then upload it to WhatsApp.

Bot to download Telegram stickers

At the time of this writing, gods are available muzzle that allow you to make the Telegram sticker set download. You can use them to transfer stickers from Telegram to WhatsApp.

The best known and used bot for this purpose is Sticker Downloader. His username is @Stickerdownloadbot. Once you've found it, start it with the / start command.

Once this is done, launch the command / menu. You will then visualize one interactive keyboard with a variety of settings. Click on Settings and set theoutput dello sticker su Web (you have to click on the corresponding bubble).

At this point, paste and send the URL link of sticker package that you have previously identified. The bot will reply to you with the confirmation message "You will soon receive a zip file containing all the images from sticker set: ". All you have to do is wait.

After a few seconds, the bot will send you the zipped file containing the sticker pack. Click on it with right mouse button, Choose Save file as and put it on your PC Desktop (for convenience). And then, unpack it in a folder and do the following.

Add Telegram stickers on WhatsApp

At this point, you need a phone with an operating system Android. If you use iPhone, borrow it from a friend or ask them to do this for you and then send you the sticker pack on WhatsApp.

Once you've got your Android smartphone, download the free app Personal stickers for whatsapp from the Play Store. It allows you to customize WhatsApp stickers. After the installation, which will be automatic, leave it aside for a moment.

Now, connect the Android smartphone to the PC that you used to chat with the bot (via USB cable). Then, go to the internal memory phone e copy the folder to us in which you extracted the Telegram sticker set.

Alternatively, you could use theapp on Telegram su Android. It would be enough to enter the chat con il bot, download the zipped file e unpack it with the RAR app (or similar).

When you have transferred the Telegram stickers folder to Android, proceed by opening the application Personal stickers for whatsapp. Then, tap the button + and choose the package name of sticker you want to generate.

As you can see, all the static images of Telegram stickers that you downloaded and transferred to your mobile. You can touch them one by one and select up to 30 to include them in the WhatsApp sticker package.

When you're done, tap the check mark that appears next to the package name. Complete the action with WhatsApp o WhatsApp Business (depending on the application you are using). Confirm the operation by choosing Add.

By doing so, you will have published the stickers Telegram su WhatsApp. You can use them by opening the WhatsApp Emoji keyboard and touching the iconlabel. As you will see, the customized Telegram package will have been added to your favorite stickers. Now, you can send the stickers on WhatsApp as you normally do. Good fun.

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