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We want to subscribe to DAZN because we are interested in the live football offer it offers. However, we do have a bad internet connection, which could cause a match to be blocked right in the middle of an action.

If this problem exists, the communication company offers different methods, in order to guarantee, in a perfect way, the vision of its contents.

For this reason it is possible to see DAZN even in areas where fiber coverage is not guaranteed, or where a backup solution is needed, for viewing events broadcast online.

To take advantage of this offer:

  • it is necessary to purchase a separate decoder: through which the signal of the DAZN digital terrestrial channel can be received.

In this article we will give the best possible information: on prices and on how to access these solutions.

Preliminary information

DAZN offers different types of subscriptions:

  • the basic offer is 29,99 euros per month, which includes all the events offered by the streaming platform, and the possibility of accessing the digital terrestrial channel, with special decoders, not included in the price,
  • the service can be used by a wide range of devices (see on the DAZN page), and simultaneous viewing on two devices is supported,
  • the duration of the subscription is on a monthly basis, with the possibility of canceling the service when desired and without penalties,
  • it is possible to pause the subscription as long as we want: the cost of the service will be deducted on the payment method, chosen when purchasing the monthly pass.

There are no price differences between the streaming subscription and the one including the digital terrestrial channel, apart from the price of the decoder, which must be purchased separately.

DAZN has entered into a partnership with TIM, for viewing the services also through the TIMvision platform.

Currently, the cost for viewing DAZN through TIMvision is € 29,90 per month, including subscription to TIMvision, Infinity +, TIMvision Box decoder and activation installments. Unlike DAZN, the possibility of pausing or canceling your monthly subscription when we want is excluded, and there is an initial activation cost of € 19,90 one-off.

In case of withdrawal, before the completion of the payments foreseen by the plan, the customer will still be required to pay the remaining activation installments.

How to watch DAZN on TV without the Internet

DAZN Channel is an encrypted channel that is broadcast on digital terrestrial channel 409, on which 12 hours of broadcasting per day and a maximum of 5 Serie A TIM matches for each round of the championship are broadcast.

To see it:

  • buy DAZN TV Box decoder,
  • or be holders of a TIM subscription with TIMvision Box.

How to watch DAZN on TV without Internet with DAZN TV Box

In case we want to watch DAZN on TV without the Internet:

  • use DAZN TV Box, a set-top box with Android TV operating system, based on Broadcom processor, with DVB-T2 HEVC tuner and access to the Play Store to download other apps. Useful for making a TV that is not smart.

To purchase the decoder in question, you must be resident in an area of ​​the country not reached by the FTTH or FTTC fiber optic connection.

To proceed:

  • connect to the DIGIquest site,
  • check if the shipping address matches one of the areas without Internet coverage with fiber,
  • enter the Province, the City and the Address where to receive the decoder,
  • click the blue Check button.

If we are in an area covered by fiber, the warning will be shown on the screen:

  • Your address is covered by a fiber connection and you will not be allowed to continue with the purchase.

If we are in one of the areas without adequate Internet coverage:

  • you can request the purchase of the decoder for 139,99 euros.

To buy it:

  • indicate the shipping address,
  • complete the payment by credit or debit card, PayPal or bank account,
  • wait for the decoder to be delivered.

Once received, connect it:

  • to the TV with the appropriate HDMI cable,
  • the antenna cable and the power cable.

Once the decoder is turned on:

  • connect it to the Internet via Wi-Fi or Ethernet cable. A preliminary operation to access the Smart functions of the device, subsequently the connection must be active for the verification of the DAZN account, but the contents of the service, in the absence of an adequate connection, will be received via digital terrestrial.
  • follow the onscreen instructions to complete the connection,
  • select a network from ADSL or mobile available,
  • I will access the main scheme of the decoder.

At the first access you can recognize:

  • in the foreground, the DAZN application, the only one pre-installed on the decoder.

Using the supplied remote control:

  • log in to the DAZN app,
  • complete the login to the service, using your credentials, chosen when purchasing the subscription.
  • enter your e-mail address and password,
  • click on the yellow Enter button, in order to allow the decoder to decode the DVB-T stream, which will have the task of making the DAZN Channel visible.

The decoder will automatically scan the available network, deciding when to rely on the digital terrestrial channel independently.

Automatic switching to the DTT channel takes a few seconds, but in some cases, especially for the first time, it may take up to 1 minute to complete. Remember that to view DAZN Channel content, we should:

  • have completed signing in with an account on which a subscription has been activated.

How to watch DAZN on TV without Internet with TIMvision decoder

The TIMvision Box decoder allows, in the same way as the DAZN TV Box, to view the encrypted digital terrestrial channel of DAZN, on channel 409.

  • To get it, you need to purchase an offer including DAZN on the TIM website.

Once you have received the decoder at home:

  • connect it correctly to the TV, using the HDMI cable supplied, and then to the power supply and antenna.

Connected the decoder:

  1. configure,
  2. connect it to the Internet.

It can be done:

  • via Wi-Fi, following the instructions shown on the screen,
  • or through a common Ethernet cable to be connected to the back of the device.

Once everything is configured:

  • complete the channel scan, to correctly receive DAZN Channel at number 409 of the channel list.
  • go to the TIMvision main screen,
  • with the directional arrows of the remote control, supplied, move to the Settings, marked by a gear icon, located on the right.

In the submenu that appears on the screen:

  • go to the item TV channels,
  • click on it through the central button of the remote control,
  • in the pop-up screen, select the Channel Search item,
  • go to the Digital Terrestrial option,
  • click on the Start button to start the scan,
  • wait a few seconds until the scan completes automatically.

Done this:

  • press the TV button at the top left, on the decoder remote control, to reach the list of channels just received,
  • type the number 409 to find the channel related to DAZN Channel.

Remember that this channel will only be visible if we have decided to activate the TIMvision offer including a monthly subscription to DAZN.

How to see DAZN on Sky without the Internet

In case we intend to see DAZN on Sky without the Internet: this is no longer possible.

The digital terrestrial channel DAZN Channel through the Sky decoders, in fact, has now been obscured.

In case you want to know how to watch co-exclusive matches with Sky, you just have to take a look at my guide on how to watch Serie A if you are a Sky customer.

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