How to see who reads Telegram messages

There are several users who, every month, use Telegram to exchange messages with their friends or to use one of its many chatbots. If you too have decided to switch from WhatsApp to Pavel Durov's messaging platform, you may have some trouble understanding how to see who reads Telegram messages. You then decided to look for more information on the web and you ended up on my blog.

In fact, while many features between the two rival messaging apps work the same way, the double blue check of WhatsApp it finds no equal within Telegram. Or, rather, Telegram uses a slightly different method than its rival to notify you whether or not your contact has read the messages you sent him. Nothing too complicated, I can assure you: you will only have to put aside for a few moments the two blue-colored WhatsApp v's and enter the Telegram perspective. And if you just can't understand how the ticks on Telegram work, I'm here to help you. So let's see what it is.

How to see who reads Telegram messages

see who reads Telegram messages on iPhone or Android, you must first understand how ticks work. As I told you a little while ago, there is nothing too complicated: you simply have to pay a little attention to the various icons that appear when you send a message, think about it a little and then draw your own conclusions.

However, if you still have doubts about who reads Telegram messages, just read the guide below. In it, I will explain to you in a simple but exhaustive way how the reading controls. Thus, you will be able to find out if you sent the message, if the contact received it and if it was viewed.


  • Orology symbol your Telegram
  • A tip your Telegram
  • Double check Telegram

Orology symbol your Telegram

The first detail of the chat that helps you to see who reads Telegram messages, is represented by the symbol of theclock. Have you just sent the Telegram message and, inside its speech bubble, do you see a round clock icon appear? So it means that the text message (but also the photo, video or any other type of content) has not been sent yet.

The reasons can be many: maybe Telegram is down due to a server problem. Or, it could be that yours Internet connection records malfunctions. Or, much more simply, the coverage of the 3G / 4G data network is not optimal and the sending of the message takes longer than expected. Try connecting to the Wi-Fi.

A tip your Telegram

a single point it is an ambiguous detail, but essential to understand in order to see who reads Telegram messages. The single v, in fact, means that your content has reached its destination (message received), but that the recipient has not yet opened the app to read the message or view the multimedia element you sent them.

It is also true, however, that the person in question you may have already seen the message. Oh yes, like when you read WhatsApp messages secretly, even on Telegram there are methods for watching chats secretly, without making the double check appear. In this case, you will remain in doubt, as long as thelast access time or the been online have not "taken the counterpart by surprise".

Double check Telegram

To see who reads Telegram messages for sure, you need to wait for the appearance of the double check. This is the "signal" that Pavel Durov's messaging platform gives you to understand that the text has not only been received, but the recipient also viewed it entering the conversation.

The speech is different if you sent the message within a group. In which case, the double check Telegram would mean that at least one of the participants in the conversation has read the message. At the moment, however, it is not possible to know who did it or if all users have seen it.

A different thing, however, happens in WhatsApp groups: thanks to Infoin fact, one could easily find out who of the group's participants read the message. What if the double blue check in chat, it would mean that everyone has viewed it.

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