How to translate subtitles on Netflix with Chrome

How to translate subtitles on Netflix with Chrome. If you are learning to speak a new language, it is a good idea to watch a movie or TV show with subtitles in that language. Netflix has subtitles but in limited languages. blow is a Chrome extension that can translate subtitles on Netflix. The extension does not translate them live. Your usual subtitles will not be accompanied by subtitles in the language you have chosen. Instead, SUFLI can translate any word into a subtitle if you click on it.

Translate subtitles

Install SUFLI and visit Netflix. Play whatever you like and make sure you have subtitles enabled. Look just below the search bar and you will see a cogwheel button called SUFLI. Click it.

A language selector will appear. You can choose which language the extension should translate subtitles into on Netflix.

Whenever a word appears on the screen that you want to translate into the selected language, click on it. A pop-up will open showing a Google Translate search for the word. In addition to using Google Translate.

The extension works even if you are watching in full screen mode. When you click on a word to translate it, the video is immediately paused. This ensures you don't miss anything good while reading the translation. Once the popup is closed, the video will play automatically.

SUFLI is only available for Chrome, so if you prefer to watch Netflix on Edge at 1080p, or perhaps 4K, you'll have to compromise.

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