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    How to win in Call of Duty Weapons: Mobile game

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    In addition to the famous Call of Duty: Mobile Battle Royale, this title also has several multiplayer modes in which players adapt to the various game dynamics by taking advantage of their fighting skills. One of the most interesting modes is undoubtedly the Gun Game, which has gameplay full of adrenaline and fun.

    However, let it be fun it doesn't mean it's an easy way where anyone can have the victory, you have to be very fast and effective to become the number one in the Gun Game. For this reason, today we bring you some tips that will help you a lot in this mode.

    What is Call of Duty: Mobile Gun Game?

    Call of Duty: Mobile - Weapon Game

    Weapon game is a very popular form of Call of Duty: Mobile where players can face off as a team or individually using a wide variety of weapons. During the game, every time you make a kill, your weapon will automatically switch until you get the knife and kill an enemy with it to achieve victory.

    However, if you are playing as a team, there are two ways to win, the first is to hit the knife and kill and the second take 60 kills before the opposing team does.

    How to Play Call of Duty: Mobile Gun Game

    Call of Duty: Mobile

    This is a mode usually available in Call of Duty: Mobile For a limited period of time, so sometimes you can find it as follows:

    • Click Multiplayer.
    • Join the game.
    • Get in the foreground.

    The Gun Game should appear here, otherwise if it is not available it means it was available recently, but there is nothing to worry about, as the developers of they usually change the list of highlights on a weekly basis.

    Come battere in Call of Duty: Mobile Gun Game

    Call of Duty: Mobile

    As mentioned above, the gun game is more complicated than it looks, for two reasons. Well, there will be several players who may have better weapons than yours because they are ahead in the losses and you have to be faster than it is in a normal multiplayer game to not be left behind. Here are some tips to help you have a better chance of winning:

    • If it is in teams: always stick with your teammates so that you are not easy prey.
    • If it is individual: don't stand in the middle of the battlefield because they will eliminate you. Find a place where you can cover all the sides you can't see and then defend yourself.
    • With sniper weapons: placed in high and distant places. Set the game mode to "Advanced".
    • With assault weapons - Hunt down enemy fighters as much as possible, as automatic weapons are effective in taking out opponents quickly. It is also recommended that you use the game's "Simple" mode if you are not yet used to the controller.
    • With rifles: be smart, find a place where several enemies pass frequently, take cover and wait for one of them to pass so you can attack by surprise.
    • With a knife: it may sound strange to you, but the knife is actually one of the most effective weapons, you just need to get close to an enemy quickly and attack without hesitation.
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