Razer Opus X - Review

Razer presents its new Opus series headphones that reconnect with the world of gaming.

Razer has accustomed us over the years to some of the best peripherals a gamer could ask for, with extreme designs covered in RGB and flashy colors. And if on the one hand we like the fact that our gaming station emits more light than a Las Vegas casino, it is also true that when you leave your home and on the move, the rules change: not so much the "technical" ones, but certainly those of style. For this reason, when the Razer Opus was announced a year ago, Razer first headset not designed exclusively for gaming, we found ourselves impatient to try them: the idea of ​​being able to go back to the open air and experience mobility without attracting the attention of passers-by with a too flashy style, while enjoying the technical cleanliness of the brand, was an electrifying idea.

A year later, Razer delights us by bringing the Razer Opus X, a restyle (technical rather than stylistic, considering the incredible similarity of the two devices, almost unrecognizable from each other at first glance) that comes a few months away from the Razer Opus with the intention of getting closer to the world of gaming, without abandoning the young, minimal and captivating style successfully adopted in the previous version.

With the Opus series, Razer abandons the concept of gaming headphones and attacks the market share of wireless over-ear headphones with noise cancellation, more particularly the one dominated by Sony with the wh-1000xm4 and from Bose with the Quietcomfort 35 II.

An elegant and essential packaging, which includes the USB-A / USB-C charging cable together with the printed user manual. The design of the headphones has not changed since their latest version, always inspired by the top of the Sony range with a minimal and futuristic style. The headphones are well built, produced with a plastic available in three colors (Mercury, which we tested, Quartz and the timeless and inevitable Green, the characteristic color of the Razer brand.

The pavilions and the stand, covered in leatherette, are thick and comfortable even after long listening sessions: after about 3 hours, most of which spent in motion and with moderate physical activity, we can say that both the porous coating and the imitation leather fabric are not afraid of dirt.

The controls are intuitive and made up of physical buttons, located on the right headphone pavilion (an improvement over the previous Razer Opus, which instead distributed the buttons on both pavilions) and include the power button, those dedicated to the volume and the multifunction button in the center. The headphones have a USB c port for battery charging, which lasts about 30 hours of playback with active noise cancellation, but they do not have a 3.5 mm audio input to be able to use them with the cable. The Opus Xs support bluetooth 5 and have a latency of 60ms, ideal for gaming, unlike their first version whose latency was only acceptable for listening to music and watching movies.

To achieve the excellent value for money, some features have necessarily been sacrificed: the lack of auto play / pause and the absence of the 3.5 mm jack add to the lack of a carrying case and the impossibility of folding the pavilion rods for easier transport.

Noise cancellation remains of a high standard like last year, the sound quality is good even if you miss the THX certification that the previous ones were equipped with. However, we remind you that the price of the new model has been halved and that the Opus were already among the headphones with a quality / price ratio among the best on the market.

Improve the quality of the two microphones dedicated to noise cancellation, and the two additional ones for voice chat. Although it is plausible to prefer a USB microphone for video call or streaming sessions, it is appreciable the incredible value for money brought by Rezer with the Upus X. Also introduced the Quick Attention mode that amplifies external sounds, ideal when listening to music On the road.

The Opus X are well-built headphones, with a top-of-the-range design, suitable for both public listening and a gaming evening. They offer high-level background noise cancellation coupled with excellent latency, good sound quality (albeit not able to match previous Razer Opus) and 30 hours of use in a single charge for a price of only 100 Euros. So if you are looking for a comfortable pair of headphones for your mobile business, you like Razer design and you have no audiophile pretensions, Razer Opus X is the product for you!

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