What offers more experience in Minecraft? How to get experience faster?

What is the Minecraft experience and how does it work?

The game experience, unlike other items, is usually not stored in your inventory and comes in the form of glowing orbs that are attracted to you.

These are stored in a level bar above the quick use boxes and the more you collect, the higher the level you get. But what can it be useful for? These points may seem pointless and insignificant at first, but the truth is, no, they can be very helpful.

Since, as the game progresses, you will begin to need it to perform certain tasks, such as using the spell table or anvil. By reaching a high level of experience it is possible to cast spells of level 1000.

Each of these tools offers some advantages which you will appreciate once you have to build them and begin to understand how useful the Minecraft experience is. For example, the spell table allows you to add effects to weapons or tools, which can greatly facilitate various tasks in the game.

On the other hand, with the anvil you can perform other equally important functions, such as renaming objects, repairing them and even putting them together to improve them.

How can I get experience faster? What are the most advantageous alternatives?

There are many ways to load the Minecraft experience quickly and easily, although it will all depend on your familiarity with the game, although you can also see many of them segmented by stages below.

Raising animals or digging

If you don't have a lot of time playing Minecraft, the easiest way to experience, without entering the jaws of danger, is raising animals.

When you reach this goal, you will see how the spheres of experience float towards you, although there will not be many, you will be enough considering that you still have a long way to go before you can explore other options.

In addition, during the extraction, it is also possible to gain experience, in particular when you collect coal, the only low-level box that will give you orbs when you collect it.

Smelting minerals in the furnace

Another way to get a little more experience in Minecraft is to dissolve some minerals, which when cooked will give you a level once collected. Building an oven is simple, you just need some stone paintings and a work table, which can be created with blocks of pure wood.

This way you will have enough space to create your kitchen and melt different minerals in it, although remember, you will need the charcoal to make it work.

Travel to the Nether and collect the quartz

Il Nether is also known as the underworld in the game and, after playing for a while, you will surely have figured out how to get there.

Within this environment there are several new materials, as well as terrifying and menacing creatures, but it is a place with many possibilities for obtaining a great amount of experience.

In this case, what you need to do is obtain the quartz that forms in the Nether and that there are in piles, and when you collect them, they will give you many orbs.

Kill Zombie Pigmen

The pig-zombie man is one of the many creatures found in the underworld of Minecraft and there are a lot of them. By eliminating them, you can get good experience businessWhile you have to keep in mind that they're not just zombies, they're usually a little more versatile, accompanied by some terrifying screams.

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