Where to find diamonds in Minecraft? How to get lots of diamonds

Meet the diamonds

To catch a fish, you first need to know where it lives and what it eats, so that you can choose the right place and bait. Likewise, before mining diamonds you should know where they are and what things you should consider. There are only two ways to get diamonds (without cheating): to extract and find them in coffers.

Finding diamonds in chests is very difficult, as the odds are very low. The only chests where you have a high chance of finding diamonds are in buried treasures (53%), City of the End (21%) and Nether Fortresses (19%).

So in this tutorial we focus on mining. Diamonds are mined from a block called «Diamond Ore». These are randomly generated in groups of 1 to 10, every 16 blocks, between levels 1-15.

To understand this, you need to understand the concepts of Height e Pieces ; We recommend that you review the Minecraft encyclopedia you are talking about to learn about these topics. If you are new to the game, what you need to know is that diamonds are only spawned in 15 blocks deeper of the game.

Get ready for mine

There are several ways to mine diamonds, but they are all dangerous for one or more reasons. Therefore, you will need an armor, preferably of iron, and a sword. The diamonds they can only be minced with an iron pick. So make sure you have several so that if one breaks, you can still get back with your diamonds.

Each mineral releases a single diamond, but you can increase that number with the "Luck" spell, for this you need to create a spell table. If you get a pickaxe in a chest with this spell, save it for diamonds.

If you want to know more about enchanted books in Minecraft, we recommend that you click here.

You will spend a lot of time underground before getting the diamonds. During the extraction, in fact, you will find gold and other materials that will also be useful to you. That's why we recommend you bring  enough food. You can also bring milk, as it serves as an antidote to cave spider venom. You can bring some wood to make more spikes and a bucket of water to avoid being burnt in the lava, if you find it.

Types of mines

There are several ways to mine diamonds. They all have pros and cons. We cannot tell you in detail about each one, but we describe them so that you can develop your own mining style.


Caving, caving or cave exploration, is the most obvious way to obtain minerals. It is a question of finding a very deep cave and walking through it until you reach the bottom, where the diamonds are.

It's the easiest way to find diamonds, but since you only see the cave walls, you won't find many that way. However, it's a very fun way to mine.

Suggestion: put the torches only on one side of the cave, so you will know where you are from and you will not get lost. We also recommend that you learn how to use your secondary hand to carry the flashlights and quickly place them on the wall.


The fastest way to find diamonds is to make your own tunnels. Use your pickaxe to create a ladder until you reach the last 15 blocks.

Keep in mind that below block 11 there are oceans of lava, so it is advisable stay between blocks 11 and 16. There are many ways to excavate with tunnels. We recommend only one in this article. This is a very effective way to get diamonds.

It's about reaching block 11 and starting to dig a tunnel 2 high by 1 wide. Dig this tunnel a little bit. When you feel it is long enough, go back to the beginning of the tunnel and start digging tunnels in the walls. The tunnels in the walls can be as long as you want, and the ideal distance between them is 2 or 3 blocks, although it can be longer if you wish.

Other forms

Over the years, players have developed so many methods, which we could never cover in this article, which speaks only of our personal experience.

We recommend that you search and read the encyclopedia we have mentioned to know the many ways to find diamonds.

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