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    Why is Fortnite crashing? - How to fix the crash in Fortnite? - Fortnite bug

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    In general, when Fortnite freezes, they are very common and easy to fix errors. In most cases they can be connection errors or system (there are also errors for which you don't listen and they don't listen to you on Fornite). So, before you think that all is lost, it is best to review the following list of easy solutions for the most common provided errors.

    Fix the crash in Fortnite quickly and easily

    Shark problems playing Fornite Battle Royale? If at some point the fashion game developed by Epic Games fails, you can review this collection of the most common errors in the game and their solution:

    Periodically update the game

    Regardless of the console or device you play Fortnite on, you should always keep the latest version of the game. It is the main way to fix the crash in Fortnite.

    These types of reminders are often useless. However, if for any reason you have disabled automatic updates, remember that in order for the game to work better it is best to have the latest version installed.

    Is there a problem with the game servers?


    This is a frequently asked question for Fornite players when they cannot connect to the game normally. Because sometimes the servers go down or have some failure.

    This usually happens when there are new updates or patches in the game. However, patches many times they do not require downtime or the time of inactivity it only lasts a few minutes.

    If the connection problem persists for a long period of time, it is very likely that your device has a problem with the Internet connection.

    Likewise, you can always go on the page official of epic Games or on Reddit to verify the source of the problem. If it is a server failure you will quickly find out through these portals.

    Solution to error 0 to fix crash in Fortnite

    This is a very common mistake you do occurs when trying to match other players. Don't worry, there is a fairly simple way to fix the crash in Fortnite. What you need to do to resolve error 0 is to close the Provided application and go to the Windows Start menu.

    In Cortana's search bar, type cmd. When the results appear, right-click on this option and run it as an administrator. When you open the system command window, enter the following command «sfc / scannow».

    Run it and wait for the scan to finish. Proceed to restart your PC and try to restart Fornite. If the error is not resolved, you will need to reinstall Fornite or ask the game developers for help.


    Problems of delay

    If you are missing games due to lag in game operation, you should check your home internet network before blaming the Fornite servers for the problem.

    To resolve the Fornite crash, start and restart the modem and router. If the problem persists, the next thing to do is check the configuration within the home network.

    Start by running a speed test on the network the game connects to. If the results are unfavorable, you can verify that this is where the source of the error is that is preventing you from successfully connecting to the game. To expand your information on this, research what amount of pings is ideal for playing Fornite?

    And voila, with everything you read, your mistake should be fixed. So now you can keep looking for things about the game itself, like tips for getting free turkeys in Fortnite or how to verify and authenticate your account.

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